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Here's Where I Really Need To Get Organised In My House

By Lollicious @lollicious

Mess can not only clutter the house, but also the mind. Getting rid of any clutter can clear the mind and give peace. I really could live without all those little knick-knacks and excess clothes. It paved the way for a new life for me, and a new, more frugal, lifestyle.

I'm now living the lifestyle I wish I had been living before. I'm more content than I would have been back in the old days too. But I have to admit to looking around my from time to time and thinking it could do with another clearout. These days it's mostly shampoo bottles and cosmetics that are sat out and looking untidy. I've been looking into all kinds of different storage solutions around the home and come up with some pretty tidy answers!

The bathroom is where we struggle in my place. Lots of products and not a lot of places for them to go. They're on the side of the bath, on the window sill, and even lined up on the floor. I'm trying to live my life simply so you can imagine the pressure I'm feeling to keep it all tidy! It turns out that bathroom furniture could be the best solution for us.

Here's Where I Really Need To Get Organised In My House

I found an online Buyers Guide To Bathroom Furniture that has inspired me to consider installing some myself. These cute fitted units go way beyond the bog standard bathroom cabinet. They fit under your sink and around your toilet to make use of all that wasted space. Best of all, they make the bathroom look tidy, modern and stylish. Everything we have out at the moment will fit in easily, and we'll finally be organised and tidy!

I have a lot of my personal belongings in my bedroom. Books and magazines tend to get stacked up a little bit more than I like. The space above my window is a little wasted at the moment, so I'm thinking about installing a shelf up there for some of them. I'm already using those sticky velcro pads on the wall for my photos. That means bedside cabinets no longer have half the space taken up with photo frames . It's made an enormous difference to the feel of the room, as it is less cluttered.

I've seen some incredible solutions for storage under the stairs. Irons and ironing boards can be hung from a special plate. And some people have managed to integrate pull out drawers underneath each of the steps. You can even find dining tables with integrated drawers for your cutlery and napkins. These things all make sense to me for putting away life's essentials.

I don't think having extra storage comes with a risk of retaining clutter. I think you would only go to the hassle of installing or buying storage solutions for things you really need. I love some of the ideas I've found, and there are many more at places like Pinterest. See what you can rehome today.

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