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Here's To Hozier ...

Posted on the 24 January 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Hozier, a name which may not bear much relevance in the industry at the moment, is one who is seemingly set for big things to happen with his new single, and 'name-your-price' EP, Take Me To Church. There are several names we'll be bringing up that should really have you begging for more ... and since buying (and paying for) the EP not two days ago, we're already geared up for more from the young Irishman.
Here's To Hozier ...You'd need to listen to the whole EP to really understand the comparisons to Ben Howard, and even KT Tunstall, but throughout Take Me To Church (The single, not the whole EP), there is a strong likeness to George Ezra in the depths of the vocal sections, and whilst the deep and foreboding pulse of the track itself still bears comparisons ... we feel that Hozier is a unique name, who can really make something of himself in the industry.
The low piano intro will really remind you of Tom Odell, and we couldn't agree more. The whole demeanour of this track is one of melancholic resilience, and whilst the vocal is particularly different, Tom would do wonders if he were to use Hozier to support some of his shows!!
Like we previously mentioned, George Ezra's vocal is remembered throughout this performance, and although there is more of a tip to the back of the throat from George, seeing as his name is one which has been picked time and time again for big things this year, we think this is a good sign of things to come for Hozier.
The fact is, throughout this track, a story is told, and you will not be able to keep your ears away from it. No matter how hard you try, the way in which he sings, albeit downbeat and full of angst, is absolutely mesmeric ... and we'd ask anyone to show us someone more worthy of a mention today.
The video, which is as dark as its counterpart track, is a showcase of strange and shocking scenes which base themselves, we believe, around religion, taboo, hatred, discrimination ... and beautiful visuals. There's no doubt that you'll come up a bit shocked a few times over throughout, just like we were, but with such a stunning track backing it, you won't stop watching, and you will fall in love with an incredible piece all the same.

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