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Help Me Find A Relationship | A Project Post on Bids By Pros

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros
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Few days ago one of our members posted an interesting request in Bids By Pros project format, which had many of other members participation and great answers worth sharing here. The project question was asking to help him how he can find relationship and tips to find a partner. In detail he explained that he admits his confidence level is low, he is desiring to date and find a relationship and a partner he can fall in love with.

Here are great responses from our members helped him out with their advice:

  • Posted by tracyvivi
“All these advices are great, but as a women, i rather see genuine approach. Look in to my eyes, put on a nicer shirt and comb your hair and maybe make yourself a little handsome. It shows to me that you are at least trying. The rest is your confidence and truth. Nothing is better than telling the truth. it doesn’t matter what you do for living or how much you make, the one that is your soul-mate, cares deeply about your true self not your pretending being”.
  • Posted by jeff22
“Asking someone out, doesn’t have to be in a bar scenery. If you like someone, don’t wait around. walk up and tell them the truth. It is good to sugar quote it but sometimes if you feel nervous and not comfortable sugar quoting can go wrong. Just say what comes to your heart politely. If rejected, never take it personal. See it as a progress and a good fate that it was not meant to be”.
  • Posted by crystalbpilates
“As a women I must say guys get intimidated by approaching us, not knowing when they do, we “The person approached” are the shy ones and the ones acting strange. The key point is to be totally yourself and don’t act fake. Remember when we see an honest approach we accept and start a conversation with. Find your our own character and love it. That will build your confidence too. Most man are afraid more of the rejection than the actual approach. If rejected, never take it against your personality and don’t let it bother you. Try the next one and don’t pick the first one comes on your path as you have no choice, select the ones you truly like. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Approach the one you genuinely like to talk to”.
  • Posted by nimarad
“I found Dr. Adel’s answer very helpful. I noticed your project and came to talk about confidence, but after reading the comments, I was lead to find the source of the problem as suggested. I think I’ll do the same although I thought I have no problem in finding companion, but when think about it, I see there is some issues.
  • Posted by elliottrah
Thanks Dr. Adel You are completely right. I have been trying to compare my look, personality and character to many whom I don’t even associate. I have to find a root of the things I love about myself and start boosting it.  I will be working on it for a while and give it a try.
  • Posted by kaveh_adel
As a life and success coach I would ask you one question: why do you feel that you have no confidence? Start there, go back as far as you can to find out the reasons, the people, incidents in your life that made you feel that way. Come to terms with them, find out what happened, confront and come to terms with them. THEN, you will be ready to find a partner in life. If you are looking to just meet people and test the waters, I would say start by honing in your skills in your everyday interactions first (work, grocery store, coffee house) and see what gives you a pleasant response. My only advice is this: do not act like someone else to please others, be yourself. If you find that there are things about yourself you’d like to change then change them, become comfortable with the new you and then move to connect with others. I hope this helps. If you’d like to go deeper with this you can certainly seek a more one on one contact and I can be I service to you. Cheers. Dr. Adel, PERSEKA Life and Success Coach How to prepare for a date? In the next article will go deeper into discussing more on this subject and will provide helpful tips on how to prepare yourself to ask someone out. Don Zilleri

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