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Hellbender’s Closing Dispatch: “To Fight Another Day!”

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

Greetings folks,

This dispatch was the hardest to write, at this time I am informing you that I have come back to the ground, Hellbender has left the platform. Just know that we at Marcellus Shale Earth First! are 10 steps ahead of Anadarko and this tree sit is nothing to what resistance in the forest will look like. This is far from over, it is the end to one chapter in actualizing our goals.

But! Let us look at all we’ve done in 1 month, we’ve raised so much awareness of the Loyalsock. It is unfortunate that it takes such an escalation to show the powers that be that we mean business, but now Anadarko and the Board of the DCNR realize they need to fear the name Marcellus Shale Earth First! and all those who identify with its aims. We brought a type of direct pressure that is keeping them up at night in closed meetings and endless conference calls attempting to figure out how to contain the momentum we’ve created, but the restless nights we cause them are only to our advantage. They now need to check under their beds for Hellbender, dread their commutes, hope that they will not be humiliated outside their places of work, bombarded by telephone calls to their offices, and above all else confronted in the forest and defeated. We are their worst nightmare. On September 13th we became the black cat that crossed Anadarko’s path. On November 1stand 2nd people are mobilizing in the forest and we will be ready for Anadarko to make their move. We will be uniting communities of activists, residents, animals, and nature to fight this threat to the forest.

Now it’s time for us to begin a new chapter of this campaign, while I recoup, recover, organize, and eat some veggies, so I can be as well-equipped mentally and physically to continue this struggle to defend the Loyalsock. I will remember the forest and all its inhabitants and will not be happy until I am back with it— but until then I am signing off. I hope to see you at the mobilization November 1st!

Tune In, Lock Down, Rise up.



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