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Heck Yeah, Lil' Wayne Got BURNED by Three Little Girls!

Posted on the 06 March 2011 by Danielleb
Don't hate me for stealing this story straight off the Yahoo! homepage, but it's impossible to hear about it and not have a "heck yeah" moment! You see, in response to deplorably sexist and vulgar language in virtually all of Lil' Wayne's songs, Watoto From the Nile (a group of three girls almost half my age!) released Letter to Lil Wayne:
This message is to Mr. WayneI'm sorry plus I must complain'bout what you do, and what you sayI'm sorry that I feel this wayAnd I'm a girl that's only 10,but for my sisters I must represent . . .
I have major beef with "artists" who think it's hip to call women b-words, h-words, s-words, etc., but at the same time I've always felt like resistance is futile. I mean can I, a single person, really do anything to change the music industry? Well, after hearing Letter to Lil Wayne, a song that's already gotten over 200,000 hits on Youtube, I know I can.
If these girls had the courage to make a difference, what's stopping you or I? 

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