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Healthy Snacks

By Brightowngirl @Brightowngirl
I am a person who loves to snack and feels quite funny if I leave it too long between meals so one of my quests on my healthy eating plan is to find snacks that are quick, easy and low calorie.
First up is your obvious choice, fruit and veg. I am constantly eating some carrots sticks or chopped apple. This also helps you easily get to eating your 5 a day. 
Mixed nuts are great to grab on the go but be careful how many you have as they are high in fat, good fat but still quite high. Healthy Snacks
Another quick and easy one is jelly. I buy the hartlys jelly pots, these are fat free, they only have 10 calories per pot and 1g of sugar. Great for us with a sweet tooth, I find it really helps with the sweet cravings.Healthy Snacks
I am a big fan of rice cakes, I like the kallo unsalted rice cake with either light soft cheese or cottage cheese on. I sometimes even add a bit of tomato too. I also top Rivitas with these.
You can get rice cakes with a thin layer of chocolate on top. I love the kallo Dark chocolate ones, Aldo and Tesco also do similar ones for cheaper.
Healthy Snacks
    Healthy SnacksWhat is your favorite healthy snack? I would love to try some different things. 

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