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Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D

By Vegsmoothiebunny
As we enter into the last quarter of the year, I'm sure everyone must be revving (their tummies) up for end year festivities and feasting! Did you know that in Singpore, the largest percentage of babies are born in the last quarter of the year? That means that not only will there be a crazzzzy amount of weddings and Christmas parties and corporate D&Ds to attend, there will lots of birthday parties as well! I totally advocate going all out and surrounding yourself with the love of family and friends any chance you get but parties don't mean you have to stress about the food. I honestly feel that the food should compliment the party. Most parties have food that's way too rich and 'jelat'- inducing and instead of having a good time, you feel awfully bloated and greasy and lethargic. That's not what parties should be like! Food at parties should invigorate you and allow you to have a great time with your family and friends!
So before you pick up the phone to call for pizza to settle your next party, here are some alternatives to hosting a healthy, colourful and totally delicious party! :D
Backstory: I have cellgroup most weeks and you know when a group of young adults get together, we want to FEAST and we want to FEAST well. But I realised that after yet another pizza takeout, everyone would get so bloated and lethargic and when my cellgroup leader talks I uhm.. feel a little bit like snoozing :/! So when it was my turn to host dinner and cell at my place, I happily told everyone we would be having "pizza" at my house! :D Hehheh.
Everyone works of course and nobody has any time to cook so this is the fastest, most fuss free way to throw a nutrition filled party ever.
The first thing I did was to order a bunch of salads from Dressing Room Salad Bar which is an online salad delivery service in Singapore selling a whole range of delicious salads! Fiona, the girl who runs it, started it out because she'd seen for herself how her mother, who is a cancer survivor, managed and improved her condition through nutritious, natural means! I love it when people believe so much in the importance of nutrition!
For quick and easy reference, here's my timeline for the party:
3 days before: Confirm with Fiona the salads I want (Try to let her know as early as possible because sometimes certain fruits are are out of season and she would ask if you want to replace it with something else)
1 day before: buy fruits and disposable tablecloth / thaw the crabmeat
On the day itself: 
6:30pm: Fiona arrives with the salads! Ask my brother to open the door and collect it coz I'm not home from work yet -.- They are wonderfully packed and so fresh and not soggy at all!
6:45pm: Get home from work and cut the fruits
7:00pm: Blend tofu and cream cheese/ crabmeat. Top with mozzarella and shove it into the oven together with broken florets of cauliflower
7:02pm: Blend avocados, banana and cocoa powder into a creamy sauce
7:15pm: Lay out the tables
7:25: Remove crabmeat creamcheese dip from oven
7:30: The gathering begins!
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
Have you ever seen anything so lovely and green and nutritious for a party? I ordered 10 salads for my group. Dressing Room Salad Bar does 8 standard salads and everything else is customizable so I got all 8 standard ones and 2 customizable. My friends had a hard time deciding what they wanted so I took the liberty to choose for them. Hurhur.
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
So gorgeous! And vibrant! :D Totally livens up the gathering up SO MUCH. Usually party food is all.. brown :/
Anyway, here are the salads we got!

1. Greek Salad- greens, tomatoes, pepper, olives, feta, herb infused olive oil
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
2. Chicken Caeser Salad- greens, bacon bits, onion, parmesan, cheese, croutons, chicken
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D 
3. Tuna Pesto Salad- greens, tomatoes, cucumber, pine nuts, tuna flakes & pesto dressing
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
4. Oriental Miso Salad- greens, carrots, mandarin orange, egg, baked tofu, soba, chicken & Japanese miso dressing.
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
5. Fruitte Spinach Salad- spinach, strawberry, orange, apple, walnuts & yoghurt mint sauce
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D 6. Japanese Sesame Shrimp Salad- greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, soba, shrimp & Japanese sesame dressing
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
7. Thai Fish Salad- greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, peanuts, brown rice, dory fish, coriander & thai sweet chili dressing
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
8. Waldorf Pasta Salad- greens, apples, seedless grapes, celery, raisins, pasta, walnut & mayonaise dressing
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
9. Customized salad- greens, fish, roasted mushrooms, pumpkin, strawberry Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
10. Customized Salad 2- greens, chicken, brown rice, corn, parmesan, honey mustard dressing
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
Check out the party table! Isn't it goreous and just a riot of colour? :D
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
On the menu we have:
1)  TEN nutritious salads,
2) a crab and cream cheese dip
(that my awesomest friend Zining made once and I fell in love with it. Just that it's really rich so I replace half the creamcheese with silken tofu to lighten it-- nobody could tell there was tofu! ;) )
3) Roasted Cauliflower
(even hard core veggie haters loved it though I didn't put any salt on seasoning on it)
4) A watermelon "pizza" with "sauce" and "toppings"
This was my pièce de résistance since I'd promised pizza. Heheh, I just didn't say what kind!
5) Crispy, crunchy delectable toasted "chips" for the dip made from chia seed mountain bread
(Mountain bread is sad and untasty straight out the of the packet and is a miserable excuse for a wrap but toast it lightly on a non stick pan for 2 min and it can rival the world's best chips.
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
Simply cut a large watermelon into rounds ( I asked the uncle at the fruit stall to do it for me. He thought I was doing a science project -.-) then I cut it into triangles myself. Blend 1 banana, 1 avocado and 1 tsp cocoa powder together for the "sauce". Spread the sauce on top, and top with creamy, delicious mango, bluberries, strawberries and nuts and seeds of your choice :) DIY and customizable!
And let the FEASTING begin! :D
My cell leader loves the salads haha.
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DHealthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :D
"we want some too! "
Healthy, Quick & Easy Party Food Ideas! :DPresenting to you a bunch of the most hardcore "unhealthy" eaters who always eye me suspiciously when I serve "brownies" or "drinks". (The previous time I had a "healthy" party, they brought their own KFC because they were afraid I would starve them with my new fangled creations haha) So if they give their thumbs up,  I'm very sure you will love it too :D You've got to give them credit though. They test taste the food here for you before I actually publish the recipe!
I had such a good time and I'm sure my friends did to! Best of all, everybody felt really good after that! Nobody felt like they were dying in a puddle of grease and I'm sure they all met their fruit and veg intake for the week. Haha.
So the next time you have a gathering or want to throw a party, serve healthier choices! I'm sure everyone wants to leave the party feeling good about the time spent together and what they ate! :D  Here's to healthy, happy gatherings!! :D
/ on a sidenote, I honestly think if you are clueless about meal prepping, hate to step into the kitchen/ no time, you should just order 5 different salads from Dressing Room Salad Bar or any salad place every Sunday night and just refrigerate it and bring one to work each day. They all taste great at room temperature/ cold and the dressings are amazing. I suppose there wouldn't be much loss of nutrients etc coz the concept is kinda like my Rainbow Salad in A Jar just that you don't have to do all the hard prep work yourself. Best part is, it's only $6.90 for a salad! No queuing, no mess in the kitchen and she delivers it TO YOUR DOORSTEP. Just a suggestion for those looking to eat more nutritiously! Haha
Till next time,
p.s SPECIAL THANKS to Fiona for being so accommodating and acceding to my requests and salad customizations at such short notice! :D You're the best, babe! Keep doing what you are doing! :D

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