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Healthy Drinks: Xango Juice and More

Posted on the 27 June 2013 by Peppertan

You’ve probably heard your whole life that you need to drink water. And this is true, but obviously, water doesn’t meet all your nutritional needs. This is where a healthy diet rich in whole foods like leafy greens and fruits, comes in. You can also supplement your diet by drinking vitamin waters, shakes, or something like Xango Juice. Following is a little about each.

Vitamin Water

You’ll notice that many athletes and fitness folks talk about the importance of electrolytes. Vitamin-based drinks usually contain electrolytes. Electrolytes are charged molecules, or ions. These ions help your cells to send signals, improving your muscle function and fluid levels. It also helps to manage your body’s acidity levels. You can lose electrolytes through sweat, which is why athletes rely so much on replenishing drinks. Vegetables and fruit naturally contain electrolytes as well, but for a fast recharge, try a drink containing electrolytes.

Supplement Shakes

There is a huge variety of supplement shakes out there, offering a variety of benefits. One popular supplement drink boasts nine servings of fruit and vegetables, including 23 vitamins and minerals. There are several different flavors available. You’ll also see supplement shakes as meal replacements. These can be extremely helpful in trying to lose weight because they can save you a lot of time where food preparation is concerned. If these drinks are high in fiber, they will keep you fuller for longer, so look for this as a main feature when deciding on a brand. Compare the nutritional quality by the daily value percentages. Lastly, the more protein the drink has, the more you should plan on exercising.

Xango Juice

A third drink you can use to supplement your health besides water, sports drinks, or supplement shakes is called Xango Juice. This drink uses the mangosteen fruit, which contains 39 xanthones. Studies from Japan have shown that xanthones act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer agent. As it does all of this, it supports joint function, cardiovascular health, intestinal health, and the immune system. The mangosteen is combined with other juice concentrates and purees to provide a variety of tastes. Drinking this is just one more way to provide your body with extra resources to gain or maintain health.

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