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Healthy Diet for Dengue Patients

Posted on the 14 September 2016 by Dr Vikram Chauhan @Planetayurveda9

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you do not want, drink what you do not like, and do what you do not do. Stop being part of the creepy and unhealthy food items and step your action towards healthy and nutritional diet. During immense prevalence of disease all the newspapers have some news regarding Dengue fever all the time. This fever is because of virus.Dengue is found in effect in tropical and sub-tropical regions of Southeast Asia, the western Pacific, Central and South America, and Africa. Approximately, 50 to 500 million of people affected by this disease.


Dengue fever is a kind of flu illness. It is spread by bite of a mosquito, known as Aedes mosquito. The virus causing to spread dengue is of many types. Dengue fever results mainly due to the DENV-1 type.

This fever is known as break bone fever. This name of fever is due to the severe joint pain during fever.

Dengue fever takes time for its expression

It takes about a weak for symptoms to be appear and recognized. It normally take four to seven days to appear and lasts for three to ten days.

To know whether a person shows symptoms of dengue fever or not.

There can be two kinds of classification, one with warning signs and another with without warning signs.

Dengue without warning signs: it appears with presence of fever up to 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit. Other symptoms in this category includes nausea and vomiting, body pain, low white blood cells, swelling of glands in neck and rash that turn face to red, red patches on arms, legs, back and chest.

Dengue with warning signs: this shows similar symptoms as in dengue without warning signs mainly like low count of white cells but shows more ailments like abdominal pain, bleeding from gums, fluid in lungs, nose bleeding, restless and enlargement of liver.

Diet plays great role in the recovery from dengue fever. There is no thumb rule to be followed in diet for dengue but some foods have remarkable properties that can help the patient to a great extent


Protein rich foods in diet

  1. High protein diet needs to restore all the resources of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats in the body. Dairy products, eggs, cereals, chicken, and fish are highly recommended foods for protein diet.
  2. Take Goat milk if available as it is good to drink and helps to increase the platelets count.

Green,red and other coloured vegetables in diet

  1. Our focus has to be on boosting the production of platelets and white blood cells.
  2. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which help to improve the immunity cells that kill the viruses. It also contains vitamin B6 which increases the production of antibodies.
  3. Green leafy vegetables like spinach are also rich in supplements like vitamins, minerals, proteins and other, help in retrieving the immunity and platelets.
  4. Garlic is also a great food as it contains sulfur-containing compounds, which helps white blood cells to grow fast.
  5. Mushrooms are also there, help to regain WBCs and enhance its property.

Plenty of fluid intake

  1. Fluid intake is the very important point to keep in mind during dengue fever. Drinking helps to remove toxins from the body and prevents dehydration due to fever or vomiting. Patients should take other fluids which are nutrient rich like ORS, sugar cane juice, tender coconut water, lime juice, fresh orange juice and various fruit juices.
  2. The coconut water retrieves electrolytes and minerals lost by the body due to dehydration.
  3. Orange juice can help in digestion, in urinary output and enhances antibodies to act fast.
  4. Fresh carrot, cucumber and other green leafy vegetables juice are helpful to provide healthy nutrients for white blood cells and body recovery.
  5. High level of Sodium is needed to maintain plasma level, ORS help to maintain that level.

High intake of fruits

  1. Vitamin C containing fruits are very effective in recovery of dengue. Fruits are lemon, orange, kiwi, papaya, watermelon and dragon fruits.
  2. Papaya is the best known fruit during dengue fever as it enhances the levels of platelets in the body. This can also be taken as juice, prepared by crushing the leaves of papaya. One should take 2 tablespoons of papaya leaf juice in the morning and evening.
  3. Dragon fruit are rich source of vitamin C helps to improve cellular immunity and prevents dengue hemorrhagic fever. It is also healthy for boosting haemoglobin.
  4. Lemons helps to remove toxins from the body as rich in vitamin C.
  5. Kiwi can be taken as fruit or juice as its potassium level balances electrolytes and vitamin C balances immunity.
  6. Pomegranate juice also help to enhance blood counts.

Avoid spicy and greasy food items

These items are heavy and hard to digest. It is problematic for fever also. Avoid foods like fried foods, fast foods and food with lots of chilies.

Herbal tea
  1. Herbal teas are considered pure water with nutrient supplements of the compound. For dengue we can take herbal teas of Tulsi, Cardamom and Ginger
  2. Boiled tulsi that can be taken as a warm water drink like tea can help prevent the internal system against fever.
  3. Ginger is best known tea can be used in dengue fever as this increases the immunity and help to reduce fever.
  4. Its effect gets doubled with mixing the tea with cardamom which is also effective to enhance blood circulation and with anti-inflammatory properties.
Fiber cereals

Oats and multi grain bread can be eaten as it provides energy and fiber when body needs recovery after fever.


Soups provides strength and help to fight with the pain in the joints. It will also help to enhance the dengue patients hunger and improve the taste in the mouth.

These are some useful diet tips which can be very effective to cure and manage platelets recovery and hence dengue fever.

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