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Health, Selfies and Sharing

By Rubytuesday
I was listening to the radio this morning
There was a woman being interviewed
She was talking about her experience living with and recovering from anorexia
She has also written a book
I only heard part of the interview so I didn't catch her name
She made some interesting points though
She said that in order to recover she had to get her priorities straight
And the number one priority had to be herself and her healthy
She mentioned some things that had helped her do this
Including yoga, accupuncture and meditation
I was fascinated to hear her speak
Especially about her health
I have never prioritised my health
I  have never taken care of myself in that way
When you're in the grip of addiction or an eating disorder
You don'r really think about your health
And when you don't care if you live or die
What does health matter?
When I go to my sisters house
I am always fascinated by the array of pills and potions is her kitchen
Health supplements
Every type of herbal tea
Spirulina (Still not sure what that is)
All these things to help improve her health
It would never even occur to me to buy any of these things
If fact in my eyes it would be a waste of money
Although I'm sure my sister would say that she is investing in her health
The interviewer on the radio asked the speaker if she likes what she saw in the mirror
She said that she doesn't look at herself in the mirror much
She doesn't focus on 'external markers'
She goes by how she feels on the inside
I thought this was such an insightful thing to say
We or should I say I, focus way to much on my appearance
And use it as a bench mark as to how I feel on the inside
If I look well
I feel well
If I don't look well
I don't feel well
She also spoke about social media
And how it can fuel poor body image
She said that she couldn't understand  the phenomenon of selfies
That people post selfie after selfie
And to what end?
This also struck  a cord with me
As you probably know I have been posting many many selfies recently
And have been slightly obsessed with what my ever changing shape
I guess that it is normal for what I'm going through
But maybe I should focus more on how I feel on the inside
Because at the moment I feel good on the inside
It's only when I focus on my weight that I feel upset and distressed
But isn't that the way the world is today
We post our whole lives on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram
We share
We over share
We put every little bit of our lives out there for the world to see/judge/comment
I am on Facebook but I rarely use it
I use my blog as a way to share with family and friends
So I totally understand the urge to share information
I am guilty of that
But I wonder have we lost part of ourselves in sharing so much?
Are we forgetting what really matters?
Not what we look like
Not how many comments or likes or followers we get
But what is happening on the inside
How secure we are with ourselves
I know that I have been posting many photos because I am insecure at the moment
And I need reassurance
In the end isn't that what we all want
To be told that it's ok
That we are ok
That we are enough
Just the way we are
I know I need to hear that
I'm really glad I heard this interview today
It couldn't have come at a better time
Because I am recovering from my recent tooth extraction
It's been very difficult to eat
And of course that was a massive trigger
Because all of a sudden I had convinced myself that I don't need to eat
Dangerous territory Ruby
But after listening to that woman (I wish I knew her name)
I feel a bit better about my situation
I'm ok
Everything is as it should be
I'm ok
I'm enough
Just the way I am
Health, selfies and sharing
I was wondering about you
Are you able to prioritise yourself and your health?
Do you think we share too much on the internet?
I'd love to know what you think........

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