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Health and Beauty Pick: Bobble

By Nicelise

April 11 Health and Beauty Pick: Bobble Aside from a small glass of juice and green tea in the morning, all I drink the entire day is water. I chug it during my morning workouts, I down it all day at work and I keep a glass of it next to my bed during prime time TV. While water is all I drink during the day, I made a vow to myself a few months back to drink more of it.
There are so many health, and even beauty, benefits to drinking more water. Since your body is composed of 60 percent water, drinking water helps to maintain the balance of body fluids. Water also helps with controlling calories, since it doesn't contain any calories like so many sugary juices and sodas do. In addition, water aids in energizing muscles; muscles become fatigued when cells don't have an adequate balance of fluids and electrolytes. Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated and clear. For more health benefits associated with drinking water, check out this WebMD article.
April 11 Health and Beauty Pick: BobbleHowever, I was racking up my parent's recycle bank credits with all the plastic water bottles I was using. My family and I just recently ditched our weekly case of water habit and started carting around Bobbles.
Since getting this cute reusable bottle, I have been drinking more water than ever. I used a reusable aluminum bottle before, but the metal irritated my uber sensitive skin. The Bobble is made of recycled, FDA approved PET that is BPA-free, PVC-free and free of phthalates, so no irritated skin here. What is so nice about it, aside from creating less waste, is that it has a water filter in it that filters out chlorine and organic contaminants. You can fill up anywhere and know you're drinking filtered water. Plus, it only costs $10 and the filter, which is only $6, gets replaced every 2 months. You end up saving money that you have been spending on cases of water.
My Bobble hasn't left my side since I got it.

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