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Heading for Memphis

Posted on the 08 August 2011 by Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
We've made Cape Girardeau and we're having a computer and Internet catch up day; it's been pouring with rain outside and last night was storm ridden - it's probably good timing.This point marks 270 miles to Memphis with 6 days after today to do it in - plain sailing really. The last few days since St.Louis have been a lot of fun; we've been able to relax whilst also putting in days of 40-50+ miles.
The water here is a little more wild, whirlpools are starting to appear out of nowhere, barges are bigger and more frequent and the flow is quicker - it might be a little more dangerous but it's even more fun; what a journey and expedition this is turning out to be. I might be excited to get home but I'll miss expedition life and I'll miss the Mighty Mississippi.
This trip has made me only want to take more, bigger, expeditions as soon as possible. I'm thinking next summer will be my next opportunity for something big, I'll have finished university after all - any suggestions warmly welcomed! My canoe experience with Mike Clark through St.Louis certainly made me want to get in a canoe again; Dave safely paddled through St.Louis while I paddled in a Canoe with Big Muddy Mike - famous for his endless knowledge of the river and an awesome guy.
Check out the video below which shows my first experience of Paddleboarding nearly 4 weeks ago in Minneapolis.

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