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HDmoviespoint 2020 : Catch ** LATEST MOVIES Updates **

Posted on the 26 January 2020 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

As I promised, Am going to release the latest movie info on HDmoviespoint. Just check below for EXCLUSIVE links...

HDmoviespoint Download Movie Info [ EXCLUSIVE ]

-> http://hdmoviespoint.vip/

**[ UPDATED FOR JANUARY 2020 ]** -> http://hdmoviespoint.biz/ -> http://hdmoviespoint.in/

Get HDmoviespoint App ->

-> https://apkming.com/download/20/hdmoviespoint_app.html

Intro to HDmoviespoint - Download Free Hollywood, Bollywood & Tollywood Movies

Downloading the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies completely for free is the dream of every movie lover and binge-watcher. And honestly, nothing can compete with watching movies in the comfort of your home. Also, why would anyone want to pay for movies when they can get it for free?! When I say the words 'free HD movies' the first thing that comes to mind is HDmoviespoint website.

On HDmoviespoint, you can download and watch Hindi, English, Punjabi, Nepali, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, and dubbed movies. You can also search for TV shows on HDmoviespoint. It is a free movie site that is managed by the USA. These movies are pirated, but nonetheless, the site is thriving with millions of users.

Especially in India, sites like these get a large number of visitors every day. As soon as a movie is released, people search for the latest movies that are available online.

Piracy is illegal in India. And so, the latest released movies do not make it to most of the online platforms easily. But on HDmoviespoint, you can not only watch the latest released films but also download it to watch later at your own convenient time.

Don't worry, this site is seldom down, it does not crash, and lets you enjoy a smooth movie downloading experience. So, if you want to enjoy movies without buying expensive theatre tickets, then HDmoviespoint is where you should be visiting.

The interface of HDmoviespoint is pretty friendly. There is categorization by genre and languages, which will help you to find the movie of your choice.

However, there is one thing that you should consider before streaming or downloading movies. It is the bandwidth. As this site offers content in HD, it consumes a lot of data. Hence, it is best to get a good data plan or switch to wi-fi that offers unlimited data at your disposal.

If you are a fan of watching movies on the phone, then I suggest you download the HDmoviespoint App for Android or iOS, whichever is suitable for you.

If you want to watch the latest movies for free on a larger screen, then you can download the App for PC and Smart TV. However, you might be disappointed if you look for movies in Spanish on this site, as you would find none.

Features of HDmoviespoint

Before jumping to download the HDmoviespoint App or browsing the site for the latest free movies, it is always intelligible to know the features of this site. So, I am listing down some of the basic features for you to peruse:

So, if you thought that you would have to pay Netflix eternally to stream and download movies on the phone, then here is your remedy, absolutely free of cost. Obviously, you will get to choose the quality and the download speed of the movies you are about to download.

Another amazing feature of HDmoviespoint is live television. The site has about 640 channels that you can have access to with just a few clicks. The UI is neat and very organized. You will not have to spend several minutes trying to sort the mess in your mind. The site is neatly compartmentalized into several categories. All you have to do is make up your mind on which movie category you want to watch. The task is pretty simple after you have made up your mind.

HDmoviespoint has very high traffic that visits it regularly for its free content. You can watch movies in various languages (except Spanish). Also, if you are not great at following English thoroughly, then you can browse the dubbed movie section.

Sometime back in the past, this site was down because of the piracy cell of India. But now they are back again, and this time they are back with a bang having millions of visitors on a daily basis.

8 Best Legal Alternatives of HDmoviespoint

HDMoviesPoint is a website that offers the best entertainment for free. From movies to songs, they have it all. Want to watch movies in regional language? No problem, visit this site, and you got it.

Also, We have established that HDmoviespoint is an illegal site that lets you download pirated movies.

However, don't you think that it might be better if you have a legal alternative to it? No wonder, HDmoviespoint is best in its league, but we thought of listing down a few legal sites that will let you download movies without the dagger of piracy hanging above your head.

There are thousands of movie sites that allows streaming and downloading. But we are listing down the best legal alternatives of HDmoviespoint:

Sony Crackle is a free movie download site that is owned by Sony. You will have to go through the process of registration before downloading any movie. Once you register on Sony Crackle, you can watch movies and TV series online. Sony Crackle lets you download the contents for free. Crackle also has an application if you are willing to download it on your PS4. However, on the downside, Sony Crackle is available only in Canada, USA, Australia, and across eighteen countries in the Latin America. So, if you belong to any other part of the world, you will have to use a VPN to get access.

PopcornFlix is one of the best alternatives to HDmoviespoint because it is available in many more countries than Sony Crackle. You can have access to PopcornFlix from India, Pakistan, Singapore and China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia too. It is a movie website where you can watch series and movies. You can download movies for free to watch them when you are on the go. It has a pretty neat UI too. The most popular categories on PopcornFlix are Drama, Action, Horror, and Comedy. Another fun factor that adds to the credit of this site is that you can see the entire catalogue of National Geographic on it. So, watch, enjoy, and discover.

Want to enjoy the best movies in HD that are completely free of ads? Then Oh Free Movies is your go-to place. However, you will have to download the app first and then only you can stream movies. With Oh Free Movies, you can enjoy unlimited action, romance, and drama. New content is added to the catalogue every Friday. You can also watch the epic movies like the Harry Potter series and all movies by Marvel studios. If you want to watch free movies on smart TV, you can as well do so with this one.

If you are a binge-watcher of the most popular movies, then the Ice Movie is your site. It is another good alternative to the HDmoviespoint. On this site, you will find a list of the most popular movies according to IMDB rating. You can also visit this site if you are a lover of classic movies as movies are sorted according to the year of their release.

If you want to take a tour of the French movies, then Sreamog.to is the site that you should be looking at. However, it also gives access to movies in many other languages. The access is unlimited and free of charge.

For some movies, you will get a translated version into other languages. But it is not the case for all films. They update their site every day and improves the site to make it convenient for the users.

Another good feature of Streamog is the fact that there is a short description for every film. This feature gives you a brief idea about what you are going to step into beforehand.

On the HDO.to, you can catch free movies and TV series. The only difference that it has from the HDmoviespoint is the fact that HDO is legal. The interface of this site is pretty neat with categorization that has been done well. You will get the option for genres on the main site, and then you can select the movies that you would love watching. If you are a lover of TV shows, then HDO has a section dedicated to the TV section as well. A few unique movie categories that you get here are - Most Valued, Viewed Today, Most Prominent Etc. This site is unique, fun and smooth. It is certainly one of the best alternatives of HDmoviespoint.

It is a fantastic alternative to HDmoviespoint. All you have to do is take a survey or register to enjoy free movies. You can either choose to stream your favourite movies or download them.

The site is completely free and offers content in High quality. Just go to the site and choose the movie or series you want to watch. They have a wide variety of content that you might love.

When you open the page of any particular movie on this site, you can see a small description of the plot, the star cast, and ratings for the movie. This feature lets you know which movies to love and which ones to trash.

If you are fond of watching movies on your Android phone, then you can download the ShowBox. It offers a good movie watching experience and is a free app for movies. However, you will have to download it first to start your movie viewing experience.

There are over 20,000 movies in the ShowBox Library. Apart from movies, you can find the newest TV series on this app. After the latest update, the ShowBox App has introduced the feature of streaming live music. You can also download songs in MP3 format if you wish to. With ShowBox, you get the complete entertainment package that includes free movies, TV series, and music. What more can you ask for?!

Technically, Netflix is not a free movie downloading site. However, you can enjoy this service for a 30 day free trial period. Netflix has an unbelievably wide range of movies and the most popular T.V. shows. Here you can watch the most classic shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and the latest craze The Witcher as well. If you are ready to spend a little on monthly subscriptions, Netflix is the best legal alternative to HDmoviespoint.

Netflix also has App available on the Apple Store, Play Store, and Windows. The latest update on Netflix lets you download a maximum of 100 titles on your device. The downside to their downloading feature is that the movies get deleted automatically after a certain time. Also, Netflix does not have a download option for all its contents. It is best to stream movies online when you are on Netflix. Remember, once your 30 day trial is over, Netflix is a paid service. However, you can certainly discontinue the service after the trial period, you won't be charged.

When a website is all-encompassing, there would certainly be a lot of questions that can arouse in the viewers' minds.

Here I will be trying to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about HDmoviespoint.

Just go through it since it may be helpful:

Why is HDmoviespoint So Popular?

There are multiple reasons behind HDmoviespoint being so popular, especially in India. It is certainly one of the acing HD movie platforms that offer free streaming and downloading of the best movies. Now, let us have a look at the exact reasons why HDmoviespoint is the best in the industry.

  1. Offers Free Movies- HDmoviespoint is a website that lets you download and stream movies for free. On this website, you can also download music in MP3 format. It gets entertainment at the tip of your fingers without you having to spend a single penny.
  2. Wide Movie Library- HDmoviespoint has a wide range of movies. This site keeps adding to the contents every now and then. Once you open the categories on this site, you will be amazed by the variety.
  3. Movies in Many Language- If you think that all sites are biased towards English and Hindi movies, then try this one. Here you can download free movies and TV series in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Nepali, and Malayalam. You can also watch the dubbed version of foreign movies. With HDmoviespoint, language won't be a problem at all.
  4. Full HD content: Viewing movies in HD is anyway a better experience over SD. On this website, you can view all the movies and TV series in HD and Ultra HD. This might consume a little more of your data, but the best entertainment is guaranteed.
  5. Frequent Site Updates: The site keeps updating itself frequently. It means that they will offer even better performance to the viewers as days go by. The frequent updates allow the site and the HDmoviespoint APP to run smoothly.
  6. Friendly User Interface- Once you open the site, you are bound to notice how friendly it is to navigate through it. The movies are sorted into categories and languages, which makes finding movies easier. On HDmoviespoint, you will never have to spend several aimless minutes trying to figure the whereabouts of the contents.
  7. Free TV Series Download- The library of this site is not limited to movies only. Here you can download or stream your favourite TV series for free. You can download the series in various languages and watch them later.
  8. Comprehensive- HDmoviespoint is a comprehensive site that offers music movies and more for free. Moreover, navigating through this site is less time consuming because of the good interface.

Do You Require Registration or Membership on HDMoviesPoint?

Registration is optional on HDMoviesPoint. You can watch and download movies without any registration on this site. You can also fill up a registration form. It will not hurt your profile in any way. I personally watched a ton of movies without doing any registration to date.

However, there is a discussion forum on this site. To be a part of the discussion forum, you will compulsorily have to do the registration. You will find the answers to other complex issues related to the discussion forum on the help page. But if you are visiting the site simply for watching movie, registration is not necessary.

HDMoviesPoint is a fantastic webpage for free movies. Here you will get movies sorted into categories like action, drama, emotional, quirky, tear-jerker, comedy, and sci-fi. It saves time to navigate through the site. The categories help you to choose the movies quicker.

Also, on HDMoviesPoint, you will face minimal to no buffering issues. If you have a steady internet speed and a good data plan, then you can expect nothing short of the best movie experience from this site.

Is HDmoviespoint a Legal Website?

Stating the very obvious, this site is not a legal site. The Motion Picture Association of America lists HDmoviespoint as one of the illegal sites. However, you will be interested to know that the website has a monthly user of 98 million! This is a whopping number compared to many other sites out there. However, being a user, you can take a chill and continue streaming, downloading, and enjoying free movies, TV series and songs.

Is HDmoviespoint Safe to Browse?

HDmoviespoint has been banned by the Indian government. However, the site continues to provide service to the users under various other domain names. If you are worried about whether it will affect the health of your device, then I can personally guarantee that it won't be the case. I have been downloading free movies from this site for many months, and my PC seems to be completely fine.

But if you are still worried, then you can pick a name from the list of the best legal alternative to HDmoviespoint. The legal sites are great. However, some might ask you to do a free registration and a few might as for a fee.

A Few Words Before Concluding

HDmoviespoint is best described as a site that will provide you with the best of entertainment at zero cost. Its library has a plethora of movies, music, and more. Here you can enjoy movies in various regional languages. This site also cuts the unnecessary trouble of registration. Once you open the site, you can straightaway jump to stream or download free movies.

I have personally used a few websites before making HDmoviespoint my favorite. With some of them, I faced excessive Ads, some others were perpetual buffer-zones, and a few of them had a messed up interface. But with HDmoviespoint, I face no issues. There are a few advertisements, but not so much that will annoy you. The site does not crash, keeps updating from time to time, and has an interface that other websites would be envious of.

HDmoviespoint is not a legal site and trades pirated movies. If you are a user, keep the word to yourself. It might sound a little hush-hush, but that is the way to go about these things. Especially if you are using one of the best free movie downloading sites that offer pirated content. However, if you are willing to switch to a legal movie downloading site, then I encourage you to do so.

Keep Streaming!


The views expressed in this article are that of the author only. The site is not responsible for any disputes whatsoever that may arise for any of the statements mentioned in this article. We understand that piracy is illegal and is a criminal offense under IPC. We do not support or encourage downloading pirated movies, songs, or any other videos that are subjected to copyright.

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