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Having a Heatwave...

By Scarecrow

Having a Heatwave...
The garden is in "shroud" mode this week due to the seemingly endless heatwave. I like to use white 50% shadecloth but in this weather anything will do the job!!!  
The garden struggles on...the gardener is melting!
Having a Heatwave...Out early this morning hosing down the choook runs, watering pots and newly planted/sown plants and covering even more garden, I came inside and saw the in/out thermometer. The outside sensor is situated under the cool back pergola so is very shaded and is already (before 10am) showing 41.1C (nearly 106F)! Argh!!
Having a Heatwave...The newly planted out Rockmelon seedlings have survived so far in their wicking bed and those Apple Cucumbers have put on amazing growth.
Jan 9th:
Seeds Sown: Direct in garden
Bean Climbing Black Seeded Snake Beans Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedaris - Eden Seeds

Planting out:
Rockmelon and Cucumber seedlings
Cucumber Suyo Long seedlings
The next lot of propagation will be for seeds of Root Bearing crops  which can be sown from the 22th Jan up to and including the 23rd Jan. When I shall be sowing some (pre-soaked) Beetroot seed directly into the soil and also into punnets. I could also look at sowing some seeds of carrot, parsnip, turnip or swede as well if I could find some room!!
It is also a good time to sow the seeds of perennial plants so maybe some herb seeds can go in.
General Seed Raising see this link

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