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"Hating Immigrants" the Wretched Refuse's Descendants

Posted on the 31 August 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
Political & Social Arrogance masqueraded as Humility is not a Virtue...but if you're an immoral who doesn't give a damn about Virtues, and don't conduct your own life to ethical and moral's open season for those politicos to exploit their minions, and supply them with trolling sound-bytes! Sarcastic contempt, which builds anger...which in turn, morphs into hate...and if ignorant enough? into bigotry and racism! What more can you want??'re doing your job! It's not about 'caring'!...for 17 unscrupulous beings?'s about 'winning at any cost', Lie long enough and people will eventually buy it as the truth...they 'do' march to the tune of that same Lederhosen clad drummer!
With no Official Policy to present the nation with, by anyone in the GOP on any issue whatsoever, nothing to show for since 2008...except "Say No", block, or stall the Government, even if it means running the country into the ground...till the "Black" President is gone! Well? the President didn't go anywhere, and still resides at the White House!'s 2015, and the 2016 Clown Pageant has begun with 17 candidates and no Policy that can be truthfully, realistically compared to the Democrats'...and approved by the Public!
Currently they're facing South in every poll, on every single Presidential Campaign! with the Republicans' only true strength throughout the years, the Economy, firmly in the hands of the opposite side of the aisles...and not really being Socially a group of Morons with no Issues, it's reverting to the old American xenophobic politics of contempt and intolerance towards immigrants. The arrogance from the descendants of the Wretched Refuse...because inside the mind in their own little world , they truly believe they're better!!
It's always been: "Screw the Immigrant"...unless you're a physical asset for them! "OK! we'll take the Niggers and the Chinks!...but! we 'don't' want the Irish"!! Well? as that story goes, America got the Irish!...and then the Germans, and the Swedes, and the Norwegians, and the list just keeps on going!
Again, the GOP is on the wrong side of history...can't win the Women Issue, can't win the LGBT Issue, Anti-Black, Anti-Muslim, and now Latinos! Living on the wrong side of the 21st Century is becoming lonelier and lonelier...unless you're a Christian Evangelical...they long for those gentler and quieter days, when Immorality was kept in the closet, a la Dugger Family, and where racism and hate was tolerated by just turning your back and make believe it doesn't exist!
It's not surprising to see that marriage made in hell, between Christian Evangelical America and immoral Republican politicians, who are eager to exploit them...both, openly using each other. They've played the "Black" card and lost, they played the LGBT card and lost, they've lost altogether the Women's card! what's next?'s time for Latino bashing!!
3 Republican Jokers from this cast of Clowns are really trying to out-do each other. A pissing contest to see who can be the most absurd!!
Joker #1 wants to build a wall across the entire Southern Border of the United States to keep out Latinos...because all they do is murder Americans, Rape Women, and work in Donald Trump establishments for horrible wages and benefits. 11 Million mass deportations, but first take away their money, use it to build the wall, and the rest of the cost?...charge it to Mexico! and make them pay for it...because Le Grande Orange says so!!
Joker #2 wants to build a wall across the entire Northern Border of the United States...because all those dastardly Canadian Terrorists sneaking into Wisconsin...Canada probably wouldn't mind paying for it, if only just to keep lowlifes like Scotty from entering the country.
Joker #3 wants to Monitor Immigrant!...track them like FedEx Teutonic of him!...hey! at least it's not a Tattoo in the arm. Well! so much for all that 'right of Human Privacy' and 'Government Intrusion in our lives' horseshit!! The greatness of America? You can walk around without showing "Your Papers" to every authoritative figure on every block you go through! Tracking people electronically and by profile...and they condemn the NSA?
Speaking about the Christian Evangelicals and their Religious practice, Bill Maher said: "Religion is Arrogance masqueraded as Humility"...the hypocrisy of loving "God" while directing their actions directly opposite God's words!
The perfect marriage between Religious folks and the hypocrisy of an immoral politician's Patriotism. All the Red, White, and Blue...and all their 'Care' for America horseshit, while hating everyone on Planet Earth that doesn't think or play by their rules, and trying to destroy the very essence of the "Greatness" of America that they so proudly talk about. That greatness is what the Statue Of Liberty represents..."Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; The wretched refuse of your teeming shore" This is the USA, where everyone's welcomed!...even today's Wretched Refuse...and some of those, may very well even be related to Trump, Christie, Walker, Cruz, and the rest of the Freakshow! You can certainly identify 'those' their Red Nose and  Big Floppy Shoes!! 
Chris Christie doubles down on immigrant tracking plan: ‘If FedEx can do it, why can’t we?’

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