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Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood Hero to Zero

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood hero to zero

I have to say straight up that when I heard the news last week about Harvey Weinstein, I was naturally shocked, disgusted, and yet not that surprised. That's because in my time in working at London Heathrow Airport I actually had the dubious pleasure of encountering him. He was one of the, if not the most awkward, demanding and egotistical clients that I had ever dealt with. I was left with a sense of unease and utter relief after he had gone to his flight back to Los Angeles. My feeling was this was not a nice man, and when I have a feeling about someone, I'm often not so far from the truth.

Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood hero to zero

Harvey Weinstein was born on 19th March 1952 in Flushing, Queens, New York. There is no record that I can find of any birth time being quoted and that leaves me have to speculate a little about some aspects of his chart. We know he is a Sun Pisces with the Sun on the Aries point, a place of renown and of potential public success. This is where the speculation starts as if he was born just a little after lunchtime on that day, then his Sun would be unaspected in his chart. Having met him and experienced his ego first hand, albeit for an hour or two, when looking at his chart I very much suspected that his Sun sits alone untouched by any other planet. On my website a couple of years ago, I did an article about unaspected planets and on the Sun being unaspected I wrote this...

" Those with an unaspected or isolated Sun I find tend to live in their own little self contained world. I think in essence what they do and what they want is important to them, and they will forever be searching for their own identity within themselves, but will they tend to do this at the expense of relating to other people? This tendency to be self-reliant may see the individual seen by others as very independent, selfish or even slightly egotistical and aloof. There is an inner drive to succeed though and people with an isolated Sun can push themselves onwards to great heights. I also believe that an isolated Sun can be an indication of the father not being part of the family unit in the growing up process, as if he was isolated or separated from the family unit."

Now I have no information as to Harvey's relationship to his father, all I do know is that he was an American Jewish diamond cutter, however, all our adult behavioral patterns do stem from our upbringing, and maybe there was something in the way that Harvey saw his father treating his mother that caused him to act in the manner that he has done since he gained power and recognition through his very successful career? His natal Saturn is retrograde in his natal chart, and this is often the sign of an unloving father, one who was harsh and quite cruel, or of a man who separated from the family unit.

What a slightly later birth time also does is push his natal Moon into a conjunction with the wounded healer, Chiron and it also tightens a square aspect to his natal Saturn, forming a very stressful cardinal cross within his chart. There is much to investigate here in this feature that dominates his natal astrological wheel.

First up with the Moon and Chiron together, we have the distinct potential for emotional wounding and healing either by the women in his life, or to the women in his life. It also suggests that Harvey's mother affected him emotionally in some regard, maybe hurting or belittling him? How Harvey Weinstein expresses his emotions will have also be affected too through his relationship with his mother. With the square from restrictive Saturn to his natal Moon, those emotions are repressed, there would be emotional disappointments for sure, maybe the flow of emotions would be prevented, exceptionally cold (especially as the Moon would be in Capricorn) or slow to develop? This again is a signal of a cold or difficult relationship with his mother. Maybe this aspect would be the biggest wound in his life, that for all the desire to be in a loving emotional bond with someone, as as a result Harvey actually never found true and lasting love? He has been married twice, and since the allegations surfaced his current wife, British fashion designer Georgina Chapman has separated from him, although was their marriage a really truly happy one for him to continue to act in the way that he has allegedly done? Of that I am not so sure. I have heard from sources that he would be quite a distant and aloof person (I felt that too), and added into a solo unaspected idealistic Piscean Sun, one gets the sense of a loner, emotionally repressed and thus vulnerable to using the more positive areas in his life to replace that where he was lacking.

The rest of the cardinal cross on this chart is quite disturbing too. Jupiter and Mercury (big plans and big ideas, the tendency to be mentally complacent) opposes Saturn conjunct Neptune (the preacher and breaker of rules and structure). There is great potential and drive here especially for administering (Saturn) a creative dream via movies and films (Neptune) and getting the word out (Mercury) to a world wide audience (Jupiter). There in lies the premise for his film career and this set of oppositions squared to Uranus, Chiron and the Moon shows an independent, unique and talented approach (Uranus), one where he would be tied into what the public wanted (Moon) and one where he would be a true maverick (Chiron). On a professional basis this is a superb set up and with his North Node connected to Venus, the planet of pleasure and entertainment, that is the direction that his work life went in. Harvey loves the limelight and the showbiz side of the film industry, he's not a behind the scenes man, and my instinct is that there is a Leo side to his character. I speculate that he has a Leo Ascendant, and that would tie in a Midheaven somewhere in Taurus, the sign of the builder and maker, also linking in nicely to that Venus/North Node conjunction, his destiny connected to his social life, relationships and love life as well as his public persona and career.

All this seems positive, however always, always remember that the planets have negative connotations as well as positive ones and we as humans tap into both. The opposition that I mentioned before, Saturn/Neptune opposite Jupiter/Mercury reminds me a bit of the Lance Armstrong opposition, (he had Saturn opposite Jupiter/Neptune). Armstrong was a rule breaker and someone who kept his cheating in his professional career very quiet until he was found out. His chart saw drug excess (Jupiter/Neptune) opposed by Saturn (his career ambitions) and for a while he climbed the heights no other bike rider had ever done, until he was exposed as a serial cheat. Weinstein's opposition is slightly different, but it still has those three outer planet elements working in opposition, and there is a sense of the law breaker here too allied to a very complacent attitude. Neptune is the planet of deception and also one of no limits, and opposed to Jupiter there is a real sense of taking things to the ultimate extreme. Mercury tied in affects his thought processes and Saturn shows a very calculating and harsh side to things, as if his authority allows him to fuel the excess. It's almost as if Weinstein lived in a dreamland, thinking he could do as he wish because he was the one in charge.

How did this turn him into an alleged sex pest them against a multitude of beautiful women? For that we look at Pluto and Mars. Firstly, they are both in fixed signs, Pluto in Leo and Mars in Scorpio. Pluto is Leo is the express and power and control while being in the spotlight and Mars in Scorpio is the planet of sexual love in the most secretive sign there is. Mars is a dominant planet in Scorpio and yet one's actions are often hidden away, the true motivations are repressed beneath the surface and only come out in the most private of settings. There is much tension between these two powerful and sexual planets plus there is an unchanging fixed attitude. There is potential brutality, manipulation and use of power and control over the sexual urges. With these two planets in this powerful square, one can say that Harvey Weinstein does have a very powerful libido that does need to be serviced, however crucially he suffers from emotional repression because of the Moon Saturn square. With Uranus in the mix as well making a Saturn/Uranus Moon t-square, he might use unusual or shocking tactics to free himself from the emotional pain and the potential loneliness that this combination of planets serves up. How would this conflict be resolved? Using his powerful position and authority to satisfy his sexual desires, and being able to hire and fire potential actresses in his films at will, he held all the cards and was able to humiliate those young ambitious women into doing his bidding.

The manner of his fall from grace has been truly spectacular in the true fashion of the Royal Persian stars, and on hearing the news that he had been accused by an ever increasing number of well know and famous actresses about his lurid advances towards them, I looked for a link in his chart to them. As I suspected there is one. Weinstein's Nodal axis lies on the cusps of the Pisces/Virgo and as such his South Node is in conjunction with the fixed star Regulus, the star of Kings in Leo, and his natal Venus (if I'm right about the Leo ascendant then ruling his Midheaven) conjunct to another Persian royal star, Fomalhaut, in the constellation of Piscis Australis, the southern Fish. This second connection is especially pertinent as it is connected to hubris. There is a real sense of being very creative with Venus conjunct Fomalhaut, but in terms of one's love life and personal values, if one thinks that one is above the law and one acts unethically as if one is untouchable, then a very great fall can happen destroying everything that has been achieved. Remember too, the last solar eclipse occurred at 29 degrees Leo, conjunct to his South Node/Regulus conjunction (a point of his power and yet also a point of his greatest vulnerability) and opposing that North Node/Venus conjunction. The eclipse as I see it was casting a shadow over a part of his life where he had become all to comfortable. Our South Node is connected to past lives, it is a karmic point and maybe there was a price to pay in this life left over from a previous one, one where he abused the power and influence that he was given. That is the lesson of Regulus, the other fixed star on this fateful axis.

It is not surprising then that a couple of months on after this difficult eclipse, and Weinstein's life has unravelled at an alarming rate of knots. It is also interesting as this scandal occurred as Jupiter the planet of excess entered the murky, underground world of Scorpio, dredging up all kinds of international secrets from Weinstein's past.

Astrology, the planets and the stars can never be denied, and the fall of the once all powerful Harvey Weinstein just proves yet again that the secrets that the planets hold on us and the decisions we make on the back of those energies lad down at our birth do truly do shape all of our destinies, for better, or for worse...

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