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Harry and Meghan Announce That They Are Expecting Their First Child

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Harry and Meghan announce that they are expecting their first child

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex while arriving in Australia for their first official overseas tour have released some special news. They are having a baby. The astrology of this happy future events is shown on both of their natal charts.

Harry and Meghan announce that they are expecting their first child

Firstly with Meghan. She is a Sun Leo (born 4th Aug 81 at 04.46 in LA, California) and so for her the movement of the Sun around her chart is of prime importance. The Sun as the announcement was made was conjunct to Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, within the 4th house of the family. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and very conveniently Scorpio sits on the cusp of her 5th house of children. As well as this, the Sun is currently residing at 22 Libra and Pluto is now at at 18 degrees Capricorn (almost 19 degrees) making a celestial square aspect of change too. The Sun is also making a sextile to her natal Neptune within that 5th house, ruling her 9th house of overseas contacts. This little combination of aspects very neatly encapsulates the situation going on in her life.

As ever in Astrology there are other aspects that also flesh out the picture a bit more. Transiting Jupiter is moving in her 5th house of children, and is making an applying conjunction to Uranus, the planet of surprises. My feeling is that this was not exactly planned for, and that it came a little bit sooner than both she or Harry expected. Mars rules the most public part of her chart, the Midheaven, and transiting Mars is now in the house of her husband, the 7th opposite her natal Sun. Mars is at the point of a transiting Yod connected to both natal Mars in the 12th house of secrets and Venus in her 3rd house of information and news. Yods act through the planet at the focus point (Mars), and so this was connected to secret actions linked to hospitals and health clinics (Mars in 12th), a piece of happy information (Venus in 3rd) that became very public (Midheaven), also confirmed through Mars making a sextile to her Midheaven too. Finally, Meghan is experiencing a Nodal return with the transiting North Node making a conjunction to her 1st house Natal North Node in Leo, her birth sign. This connection is often seen as a positive turning point in one's life, and the announcement that she is having having her first child, a Royal baby to boot, definitely fits this description quite accurately.

Harry and Meghan announce that they are expecting their first child

With Harry (15 Sept 84 at 16.20 hrs in London) things aren't quite as overt on his chart in relations to that of Meghan's, but there are still signs of impending fatherhood. The only planet sitting in Harry's 5th house of children is Chiron, sitting retrograde in there. The 5th house incidentally is the house of sport as well as the house of children, and this validates and explains his connection for his work with disabled service men and women through the Invictus Games, inspired through his experiences in the armed forces. Now as the announcement came, that Chiron was also at the point of a transiting Yod, with yes, you guessed it Venus the planet of joy and love and Mercury, the winged messenger of communication conjunct in his 9th house of overseas and travel and the Moon in his 12th house of secrets and hidden health issues, mirroring the Yod that his wife Meghan had in her chart. Mercury rules his 5th house of children and 8th house of secrets and change, and of course is important to Harry as he is a natal Sun Virgo. The Moon rules his wife Meghan with Cancer on the cusp of his 7th and Venus rules his 4th house of the family and 9th house where the announcement took place. Again, another very neatly packaged together set of aspects.

Transiting Pluto is the planet of transformation and change, and it is moving in his natal 1st house, the house of the self, making a trine to his natal Moon, representing Meghan the lady in his life and his wife (Cancer on cusp of 7th). The life-transforming change that Pluto indicates is the the growing foetus inside his wife due to affect both their lives. Transiting Pluto is also square to his natal 8th house Venus, and I feel that this is going to be a very emotional and testing time for Harry especially at home. In some way the events happening now will obviously affect his home life, but also I suspect his relationship with the wider family. We are not party to the on-goings within the inner Royal circle, but I suspect some tension, unease, and maybe dare I say it, jealousy may come out. Where might this come from? Venus ruling the 9th house gives the clue - either overseas contacts or through extended relatives - i.e. ones that are not "direct family or blood relatives". This is something to look out for in the months to come. Pluto may I remind you is the planet of death and renewal, and and there is a sense I am picking up on his chart with Chiron in his 5th house that there may be some by-product of pain or hurt that associates itself with the time that Harry becomes a father.

I qualify that because of the experience of his brother William, and something I never picked up around the time of his first experience of fatherhood and as an experienced Astrologer should have done. William also has Chiron in his 5th house alongside his natal Venus, and at the time of the birth of Prince George (which I correctly predicted), I failed to notice an aspect to his natal Chiron just after the birth of his first son. At that time you will remember that a nurse, Jacintha Saldana, at the hospital where George was born, committed suicide after she answered a prank call made by an Australian radio station impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles asking after the health of the Duchess of Cambridge. I failed to spot the aspect, and so despite calling the correct date, I always felt that I didn't get things 100% right.

Chiron is central to Harry's chart and to his relationship with children, being square to his natal Mercury (his 5th house ruler) and opposite to his humanitarian Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises. Something in the back of my mind just senses that this Chiron, the planet of wounding is also going to be prominent around the birth of Harry's first child, and looking ahead 6 months to when I suspect the baby will be born (maybe 20th April 2019???) there will be an exact conjunction between (you guessed it) Mercury and Chiron. This time 9 months on, from the potential date when this child was conceived (last week or so of July) coincides with the ingress of the Sun into Taurus in 2019. If you follow the Astrology of the Royal Family, you will know that pretty much all of the family have planets or angles around the cusps of signs, including the fixed signs. Prince Charles, this child's future grandfather has his natal Moon at 0 degrees Taurus, and this would be a very, very apt time for the baby to be born. Now, the subject of mental health has been another one of the themes that Harry has pushed forward in his wonderfully caring role since he left the forces and one that he openly admitted he suffered with. Now I wonder, with a potential connection between Chiron and Mercury around this date mirroring Harry's square, would this be something that he encourages his child to follow and take on when it grows up, or maybe it will be a theme that the child itself has to deal with?? Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but there is some link here that my instincts are picking up that I am sure will be opened out in the fullness of time.

Back to the aspects on Harry's chart, and transiting Uranus is opposing Harry's Midheaven ruling 9th house Pluto, so again the sense of a huge change and transformation (Pluto) affecting his public life (Midheaven) occurring, and one that was more a shock (Uranus) than actually planned for. Those transiting Nodes are also square to his natal Pluto, an aspect that suggest pressures or a powerful force at odds with him, or a hidden transformational force possibly linked to the past, hitting him in a very deep and maybe psychological manner. This will affect his work or public role and certainly being a father for the first time will add a few more pressures into his life, no matter how much help you have from nannies and home help. The other aspect I see is linked to transiting Saturn conjunct to Harry's 12th house Jupiter and at the same time trine to the 5th house ruling Mercury. Saturn on Jupiter limits one's freedom and brings a sense of responsibility allied to gained wisdom. There will be hard lessons to learn from this aspect, ones that will be carried out behind the scenes and ones that are linked to hospitals and clinics, both ruled by this part of the chart.

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