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HARE Polish: Cumulus Excellence - Spring/Summer Duo 2012

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
'Indie' is probably THE word of the year for the nail community. These hand-mixed polishes (yes, this is my rough definition of 'indie') are popping out everywhere faster than you can say "want" or "need". The unique and bold offerings often set my heart racing but I've always held back on going on an indie shopping rampage because, well, The Wallet does not approve. In fact, I've only caved in on two rare occasions: once on Lynnderella and the second, on HARE polish. Yup, they are that irresistible.
So here is the first part of my recent HARE haul:
HARE polish: Cumulus Excellence - Spring/Summer Duo 2012
HARE polish: Cumulus Excellence - Spring/Summer Duo 2012
Magic Mist. 2 thin coats over a-england Guinevere.This is a beautiful purple with a gorgeous mix of blue, purple/fuchsia and... orange glitter?! To be honest, I'm not normally a fan of complementary color mixes. But this was love at first sight for me. The orange glitters were just enough to add an interesting accent/highlight without overwhelming the base. Just perfect.
HARE polish: Cumulus Excellence - Spring/Summer Duo 2012
HARE polish: Cumulus Excellence - Spring/Summer Duo 2012
Rad Cloud. 2 coats.A pink polish!? I must be out of my mind. You may have noticed that I hardly have any pinks in my stash - especially soft pinks like this. But still, I'm hopelessly in love with this anyway. Like Magic Mist, Rad Cloud has an interesting mix of blue, purple/fuchsia and orange glitters but with a dash of green squares too. Bold and soft at the same time. On that note, I must say, the name 'Rad Cloud' fits this polish to a T. 
Application for these are flawless. That is another thing I really like about HARE polishes. They apply smoothly and are generally opaque in two or three coats without obscuring the glitters. I also didn't have to fish around for the glitters or dab them onto the nail for them to look good. 
Honestly, Nikole, how did you ever come up with these?! You must have some magic or witchcraft up in your sleeves. Just take all my money already. And if that's not enough, I'm willing to work for you - just pay me in polish. ;)
If you are ready to surrender your money like me, you can head over to Nikole's Etsy store or you can stalk Llarowe for the next restock (TBA but should be some time next Wednesday).
I have to admit, I'm eyeing more of her polishes - from the older collections as well as her new Fall collection. Yes, I really love HARE very much. :$
For more HARE polish updates, you can check out her Facebook page.
Now, 'fess up! Which HARE polishes do you like?

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