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Happyland Water Theme Park,Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala

By Vishnudas
Happyland Water Theme Park,Thiruvananthapuram,KeralaIf one needs a refuge far away from the stress of the modern world; then Happy Land Water Theme Park is an ideal place. It is the perfect place for outing and picnics. Vembayan in Thiruvananthapuram is lucky enough to have such a fun radiating place. People of all ages can access the park and enjoy the rides. The park characterizes rides like Aqua Trail and Uphill Water Ride. Not only is the place renowned as a picnic spot, it is also famous as an amazing venue for parties, events and celebrations during any time of the year. The Happy Land Water Theme Park is a place where you can relax and feel happy, henceforth instilling fun and freshness in your mind. The rides and other surprising thrills of the park draw you into a completely unknown world of enthusiasm and fun.
Happyland Water Theme Park,Thiruvananthapuram,KeralaThiruvananthapuram had everything in order to be a perfect tourist destination except a water theme park, which it now has. The Happy Land Water Theme Park completes the city, thereby boosting up the tourism business. The park is set up in the bounty of nature, surrounded by waterfalls and tree rocks, thereby incrementing its grandeur. Ranging from the children to the elder citizens, the park proves to be a fun filled experience for one and all. The amusement services offered by Silver Storm are truly versatile and are not less than other park. It offers such features that are not found in any other park. Columbus, Uphill Drive and Mini “Kuttalam” are some of the very magnificent rides offered by the Happy Happyland Water Theme Park,Thiruvananthapuram,KeralaLand Water Theme Park. Besides this, there are many other delights such as Kids Village and many other family amusements which provide you with a fun filled experience.
In order to feed the tired enthusiasts, the Silver Storm Water Theme Park encompasses restaurants where both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served. Besides that, the Park also features an ice cream parlour, lockers, gift shops, food courts, handicapped and old age rest rooms. Besides this, telephone booths, first aid areas, coffee shops, parking area and toilets are also allotted by the park authorities. The staffs are extremely warm and the service rendered by them is worth appreciation. The park also encompasses shops where t-shirts and many other clothing items are purchasable.Happyland Water Theme Park,Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala
The feature that differentiates the Happy land Theme Park from other parks is the calmness of the place. It location is a contributing factor in the attractiveness of the place. Far away from the to and fro of the place, the place is a shelter for the peace lovers. The palm trees, the meandering streets and a never-ending coastline are enough to immerse you in their adventurous world. It is an ideal place for the national and international tourists, thereby providing an extensive array of rides such as Ball Pool Cruise, Kuhu Kuhu Express, Multi - Lane, pendulum, Pushpak etc.  Thus, we can see that the Happy land Theme Park has a lot to offer. If one wants to have the time of their life, then this theme park is the best. So, do come, explore the place and have a fun-filled experience. 

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