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Happy Weekend.

By Simonea
Happy Weekend.
Happy Weekend.Norway
I made it to the weekend, phew & hoorah!
On Tuesday I wrote this blog post & received the kindest & most supportive comments & emails, thank you so people are the best!
Some weeks are all about treading water....I realize that we all have those weeks &, actually, I think it's quite good to come out & admit it....there aren't many problems that sharing doesn't help. 
Next week will be better, I am quite sure about that, onwards & upwards....adding a few new things to the mix, getting back to the gym, getting out & about.
What's new in my world....? Well, as much white paint as possible, lightening & brightening where I can.
Got my favorite snuggly sofa+cushions out of storage this week at last....the kitchen table & chairs follow this weekend now that we've done some shuffling around & we can fit them in (having donated a few items to charity & put some others into storage)'s so good to be reunited!
movie night+pizza+popcorn tonight now that we can finally fit the whole family on one sofa.
Who doesn't love apples picked fresh from a tree left on the garden wall each morning & my lovely neighhour does just that for me....our tree produces Bramley apples, hers produces Russets....I have some cooking planned for Sunday, am thinking this or this....and while we've had some gorgeously sunny days in London this week, I am already making soups & stews & looking forward to cosy Sunday suppers.Woollens & boots are ready, bring on the autumn.
Happy Weekend. 
 Happy Weekend.Happy Weekend.
Happy Weekend.
Happy Weekend.via here
Happy Weekend.
Happy Weekend.

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