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Happy Mornings.

By Jenrene
happy mornings.

i like smoothies. i am also startin' to like mornin's. every day i can, i try to get up and make my mornin' shine.
i like the way smoothies make me feel in the morning.
i never thought i would be one who liked them because i used to be health-adverse.
i used to not like anything but junk. then, i became older, and realized that unless i cooperated with my health, it wouldn't cooperate with me.

and so here i am. taking my smoothies as vitamins daily, and enjoying the journey that makes me feel good about what i eat.
i never thought fruit would be my best friend and i could wrap them around greens in a wonderful concoction of berries and bananas and be alright!
or work on one that involved my fav- sweet potatoes and bananas all wrapped in one!
makes ya wanna shout hallelujah for the beautiful things in life that offer you a beautiful body, beautiful skin, and a beautiful soul.

i no longer do much of the same, in terms of what i eat..haven't eaten pork in over ten years, red meat is history too...
now they say i'm a pescatarian, cause i only eat fish...

hmmm....great.i suppose everything has a name.

but i just want to be a healthy eater.

i wasn't aware it could make ya so happy.

happiness comes from self care.

a smile, sprinkle of banana, and something very strawberry!

who knew!

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