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Happiness is a State of Mind

By Sakshi Raina @capturesunshyne
Today is my 19th birthday. Today is also the day I have learned something really important about happiness. Something that might change my perception about the world and how it functions or perhaps the way I shall think in the future.
The mantra is : Happiness is a state of mind.

Last night, I was ecstatic. I never felt such happiness within me since a really long time. My parents made it the possible best dinner night out possible and how I wish, I could lock up this feeling within me forever.

Happiness is a state of mind
Since the last 19th years of my existence, birthdays are a great deal for me. Days before my birthday, I get nightmares about how my birthday might pass just like an ordinary day. I plan for my birthdays, weeks in advance and always try to make it the most PERFECT day in the year. I want to be treated special that day, to be treated like a princess for at least a day and there lies the problem, I expect and that my dear friend, lies the cause of my misery. I expect from people to do something special for me, to help me make the happiest day of the year and when it fails, I lose my essence of the day, making it worse than it actually is.
Today was no exception although I'm grateful that I learned this lesson finally after 19 odd years.
We often believe that our happiness depends on others, fate or external forces that or not in our control. We often try to find happiness in others failing to realize that we control our own happiness. We also tend to find happiness in materialistic things, like a big house, precious gems, expensive watches but true happiness comes in small packages. I have always been a big believer in this.We fail to feel grateful of what we have and focus on what we don't and once we're sad, we try to make ourselves more miserable by thinking of all the other things that goes wrong in our lives though directly or indirectly or not even related.
I still have four hours of my birthday. Please excuse me as I try to get my happiness in my hands and get this day better, tell my family and close friends how grateful I'm and absorb the lesson I have learned today.
A very happy birthday to me! Cheers!

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