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"Hands Up in the Air"

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
J.LO does it again with the release of her new single - Papi. The single is not bad - if you're into the fist pump beats. But, the video is amazing, a bit Bollywoodesque (or maybe that's just me). Basically, J.LO eats a love potion cookie (a giant bite might I add), bounces around in sky high heels and a cream outfit. And before you know it, Jenny from the Block is being chased around by a whole lotta men. This leads to crashes, fires, riots and is quite reminiscent of when the G8 Summit was in Toronto. And she does more DRIVING (and crashing) than Ryan Gosling in DRIVE. All in all, she manages to dance, sing, drive, make confused faces, dance, run, skip, jump, slide and mosh without a single wrinkle in her outfit, without a single hair out of place and her cream outfit still intact (without any stains). She handles the man-ttention like a PRO. You go J.LO!

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