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Hand Made Craft

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Hand Made CraftIt's no secret that craft projects can quickly get expensive - but it doesn't have to be that way.  Even if you only have a basic sense of being-crafty you can get imaginative.  I've already blogged the great fun you can have making smiley-faces in the garden with leaves, and the project where you make a family-flower out of overlapping adult-children hands, the first costs nothing, and the second can be done with surplus scrapbook bits and bobs.
Here's another hand-made-craft (ha ha) which would cost less than $5, free if you're a regular crafter with basic materials lying around.
  • The child traces their hand, wrist and some of their arm onto coloured paper.     
  • You cut it out; you now have a paper hand, or 'glove'.
  • Measure the width of the arm-section and cut a piece of paper doily out to match the width.
  • Stick this to the base of the 'glove' to act as a lace frill.
  • Add real or scrapbook buttons to the base of the glove.
  • Use scrapbook embellishments, pencils and stickers to decorate further.
If you want to take 'the glove' further, make some finger loops to the back of the glove so they can 'wear' it.  You could also tape a craft stick on the back to turn it into a sort of puppet.
With Halloween coming up you could easily make this craft project super-spooky by using the right coloured paper and embellishments, and by swapping the lace frill for something more gruesome.  Go on - give it a go.

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