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H- Humayun

By Sahi
   Three days after the death of Babur, Humayun ascended the throne of India at the age of 23. The situation at his accession was not very easy. he was confronted with several hostile forces on all sides, disguised and so the more dangerous. There was hardly any unity in the royal family.
   A ruler, possessed of military genius, diplomatic skill, and political wisdom, was the need of honor. But humayun lacked all these.In fact, he himself proved to be his worst enemy.
   Fortune, however, favored Humayun in his early wars, before the hostile forces had grown uncontrollable. he gained a decesive victory over the Afghans and drove out sultan Mahmud Lodi .The next stage was marked by his ill-fated conflicts with Sher Shah.
H- Humayun

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