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Guest Post: Great Summer Skin with DIY Care!

By Julianne @julianneinjune
Hope you all enjoy reading this post and trying the mask at home!
This guest post is by Michelle from Skana spa in New York**
Get great skin this summer with DIY care
It's summertime, which means now more than ever, we are expected to show some skin -- so of course you want your skin to be as bright and glowing as possible. Unfortunately, the elements can take a toll on your desire for fresh skin. UV rays can create sunburns and wrinkles, as well as dry the skin out. Think your goals for glowing skin are hopeless? Think again. Take advantage of what nature has to offer by making this fabulous red, white and blue skin brightening face mask, made from all-natural ingredients that you can trust.
Red, White & Blue Skin Brightening Face Mask

Supplies: •10 blueberries, more or less •1/4 of a fresh tomato •1 teaspoon of apricot kernel oil •2 drops of sweet orange essential oil Directions: Pulverize the fruit in the blender for about ten seconds and then move to a small bowl. Add the apricot kernel and sweet orange oil and stir. Open pores by placing a very warm, wet wash cloth on the face for thirty seconds and then smear the mask over the face and neck. Leave on and relax for twenty minutes. Rinse well with cool water and moisturize. With regular use, expect smoother, brighter skin and a healthy fruit glow.
After you do the mask, you will instantly notice how soft, fresh and luminous your skin will look and feel. Finally, you have a mask recipe you can rely on! While some in-store face masks are ridden with scary additives, this is an all-natural recipe, safe from chemicals. The straight-from-nature ingredients in the mask work together to brighten the skin; the blueberries and tomatoes are packed with antioxidants that work to prevent fine lines, reduce inflammation and to even out the skin.
Guest Post: Great Summer Skin with DIY Care! (photo source:
These super-fruits loaded with antioxidants boost collagen formation while till protecting the cells. Blueberries even neutralize damage and slow the development of fine lines with its extraordinary source of anthocyanians, while the tomatoes use its antioxidant lycopene to reduce redness and  b lotchiness, all while clearing out the pores.

Guest Post: Great Summer Skin with DIY Care!
(photo source:
And, of course, if you're hosting a Fourth of July party, why not leave your guests with this face mask as a gift that will leave them glowing? It's something your guests will be enjoying long after the party is over.

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