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Guess Who Moved In?

By Brisdon @shutuprun



Meet Heidi.

She is a three year old Golden Retriever. 78 pounds of hair and affection.


For the past two weeks we’ve been working with the Retriever Rescue of Colorado (amazing organization). We thought we would end up adopting a Lab, which we were very happy about. But, then we heard about Heidi and decided to meet her yesterday. We had no plans of actually taking her home, but figured we’d meet her and think about it.


Think about what? We fell in love with her on the spot. And, took her home.


The story goes that she grew up on a farm in Kansas. The farmer got sick, found himself in financial trouble, and abandoned the farm and all of the animals. It’s obvious that Heidi got a lot of good training and love while with that farmer.


I know she will eventually run with me, but I think right now she’s kind of out of shape. Heidi’s got BACK.


I will start  walking with her further and further, then graduate to running. A friend of mine has a Golden and he did a 13 mile run with us not long ago. Heidi’s not ready for any half marathons, but in a few months hopefully we can put in a few miles together.

I don’t think the kids like her at all.



Since Lucky died I’ve so missed the presence of a dog in the home. But, at the same time I think we all needed some time to heal and move on.

This was the view from my computer:


Now I see this:


Much better. Welcome Heidi.


Have you ever adopted a dog from a rescue? We got Lucky from the Humane Society.

Do you prefer smaller, medium or large dogs? I’ve only had medium dogs, so this breed and size is totally new to me.

Any advice on owning a Golden?


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