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Growing Old Gracefully

By Gran13


I watched a movie star on TV who snapped, crackled and popped like a breakfast cereal commercial, and I thought; What a shame she’s so brittle and has felt the need to have so much cosmetic surgery. She went to a great deal of expense too. After all, if she had not gone under the knife, all the hard-earned wrinkles that would have been written on her face, would not have been erased. I feel that my wrinkles are hard-won medals in the battle of life. I have very fond memories of my mother, Dolly, who said she would never have surgery unless it was life-threatening. She never colored her hair. She preferred to allow it to turn silver gray. She seemed to know instinctively which clothes to buy and which colors suited her best. My mother walked every single day along the beachfront, swam daily, wearing her very old-fashioned Janssens bathing suit and kept healthy. At the age of 92, she suffered a heart attack and passed away a few months later. I miss her.


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