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Groundhog Day

By Brisdon @shutuprun

This is getting to be a bit like Groundhog Day.

Tomorrow I am riding the Boulder Ironman course. Again. I want to know this sucker backwards, forwards and sideways. Every cow, every pile of manure, every large 18 wheeler that flies by me leaving a trail of dust and debris. I have ridden big chunks of the course five times now. Tomorrow will be the first time I am doing the entire 112 miles.


Only 3,875 feet of climbing? That’s all you got? <sarcasm

First things first, I need my nutrition in order:


With stops, mental breakdowns and poop breaks (peeing on the bike works. Pooping, not so much) it should take about 7 or 7.5 hours (although I hope to do closer to 6 hours on race day). That means 1,875 calories on the bike. Nailed it!


Sometimes I like to buy food that has tons of calories/carbs, is easy to eat and is CHEAP. My equation: tons of calories/carbs + inexpensive = JUNK FOOD. These babies have 270 cals and 40 carbs per roll. And, they cost $1.50. You can’t see the rest of Little Debbie’s body, but I am guessing she is obese from the shoulders down.


Since it’ll be hotter than two hamsters farting in a wo0l sock (98 degrees is the projected temperature. I think hamsters farting in a sock is only 96 degrees), I am going to be sure to do 800 mg of sodium per hour (thank you Salt Stick caps).

While I am not jumping up and down excited about this ride, I do love the boost of confidence I get with each tough workout.

Speaking of tough workouts…my 18 mile run on Wednesday night went really well, thanks for asking. The entire run was on a runner’s enemy- concrete (afterwards even my pinky joint hurt)…but, the Ironman will be 26.2 miles of concrete, so might a well get used to the suffering and impact.

I really like the run course. A lot of it goes along the Boulder Creek path, which has huge trees, homeless people, and rushing white water. My only pitfall were these two blood blisters that developed at mile 5.

WARNING: gross ahead


I finished around 8 pm and got into the creek. Heaven.



There are two more big training weeks…then onto TAPER. Can you believe it? August 3rd is sneaking up on me. I’ll give you my bib number once I have it in case you care.

You need to read this blog post from a guy who just did his first Ironman in Coeur d’Alene. Hilarious – I think he and I would be fast friends.

Top 20 confessions of an Ironman Coeur d'Alene rookie

My favorite confession is:

10.   The volunteers apparently have some type of pre-race meeting where they all agree to lie to your face, telling you that you are “looking good”, “doing great” and “having a great race.”  I learn to love their lies.  Ironman volunteers are saints in fun orange shirts.


Do you do ice baths post-run? No. I hate them. But if there is a freezing creek to sit in, I will love every minute of that.

Last bit of junk food/crap/dessert you ate? I had a huge mound of this for dessert at lunch today (yes I have dessert at lunch everyday). My friend, Kathy, made this for July 4th and it is seriously like crack in a bowl.

Devil's Food Toffee Trifle



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