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Green Your Cleaning & Save Some Money Too

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

clean woman Green Your Cleaning & Save Some Money Too

When it comes to using greener cleaning products as a way of helping our environment, there is a wide range of opinions. Many people think that these alternative products are just priced too expensive, but actually when you think about it, we are probably wasting our money on the products we currently use anyway.

After all it only takes a few simple ingredients and then you can clean your whole home with them. Not to mention the fact that you could even make green cleaning products yourself from scratch – for a fraction of the cost! It really is not too hard to take the first steps to of going green.

But Why Are Traditional Cleaning Products Bad?

Well did you know that there is actually no law forcing manufacturers to label all of the ingredients that go into cleaning products, which is why it’s very shocking to hear that a number of the ingredients commonly found in cleaning products have not even been tested for safety on humans. And we do consume the cleaning products we use, if indirectly. Every night when we sleep in those clean sheets we are absorbing the washing powder we chose to wash them with. And when we spray anti-bacterial sprays in our kitchens, they are contaminating the air we breathe.

spray bottle Green Your Cleaning & Save Some Money Too
Not only are the health risks shocking enough, but we also need to realize that the ingredients are flushed into our water streams, which harms the environment in many more different ways. And this is something that we do not really need more of.

A Healthy Alternative

You do not always have to go out and spend loads of money to start going green. Just wait until some of your current cleaning products have been used up, and you can reuse the spray bottle to store some of your own healthy and green cleaning supplies. Some of the most popular ingredients to use include lemon juice, since its antibacterial. You can also use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, which are very powerful for a wide range of cleaning applications.

Sometimes you might not want to make all of your cleaning products from scratch, in which case you can look for eco-friendly brands in stores. They might be a little more expensive, but you can try buying them in bulk, or opting for laundry detergents that will last for hundreds of uses.

To make things easier, you can make these changes gradually and still make a difference. In a short amount of time you will be left wondering why you ever needed to rely on toxic cleaning products in the first place. And every little effort that we all make will go along way in saving and preserving the environment for generations to come.

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