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Green Tape

By Brisdon @shutuprun

If you follow Shut Up + Run on Facebook, then you know how I pimped up my bike with new handle bar tape:


For some reason, something so small as lime green handle bar tape made me very, very happy. It changed my whole attitude about being on my bike. Crazy? Maybe.

This got me to thinking how it doesn’t really take the BIG stuff or the EXPENSIVE stuff to add pizzazz to our days. Sometimes it is something very small that we do, hear, say or think that can turn it all around.

You see, it’s not just lime green tape. It symbolizes so much more. Motivation to ride 80 miles this weekend. Pride to be on my bike. Thoughts of margaritas and vodka tonics since they have limes in them (what)?

So, what other small things can add a boost to our days? Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • That first cup of coffee in the morning. And, the next two that follow later that morning.
  • Paying for the person behind me in the drive thru line
  • Getting a haircut (do remember that song “Hairstyles and Attitudes” by Timbuk 3? I’m showing my age because it came out in 1986.  The lyrics talked about how our attitudes are directly linked to whether we like our hairstyle or not).
  • Putting my new favorites song on my iPod playlist and having it come on during my run.
  • Taking a 10 minute nap in the afternoon.
  • Helping the older lady in the store find plain packets of oatmeal.
  • Sending a card to a friend just because. Or, getting one.
  • Putting new bird food in the feeder and watching who comes (suck it, squirrels).
  • Having a book I’ve ben wanting to read forever come up on hold for me at the library (Goldfinch, yay!)
  • Eating a Honey Stinger waffle with almond butter as an afternoon snack
  • Brushing Heidi (and making a merkin out of her hair)
  • Seeing/reading this article in Oprah Magazine


I could go on and on. I guess I just wanted to highlight that sometimes we think we need the BIG things (new house, new job, race PR, huge weight loss, etc.), when really – it’s all the little stuff that pops up throughout our day that, if we take time to slow down and notice them, can bring a nice little boner to our day.

What “small” thing gave you a boost this week? Give me at least one.


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