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Green Meditations…On Being Brave.

By Jenrene

So I wasn't really sold on taking pics tonight, because I had a mad headache, and really wasn't feeling it... but my word this year is Endure. And having said that... I think that's enough. I have challenged myself every single year with my One Word for the year. And this time, I may have out done myself.Green Meditations…On Being Brave.Because... Look what was waiting for me!

With every "extra step" I make, and every beautiful sunset, comes a beautiful animal that raises its head... just to be brave if only for one moment...

Looking forward to livelier scenes with bursts of light green, dark green and burgundy teardrops ...milling amongst the colors...

Green Meditations…On Being Brave.
And then...another glamorous look out my window...
Green Meditations…On Being Brave.
Green Meditations…On Being Brave.

Yet another gorgeous, inspiring & fresh wonder of Spring.... outside your door...
Reminding you clearly...that springtime renews hopes, promises and joys...

And gives you new breath,

Hmmm....We tend to often associate "green with being mean", but I tend to think it involves loads of being Brave.
Green Meditations…On Being Brave.

It's no wonder I really love the journey of embracing "new things".

{I joined #OurProject52 this week and their beautiful project of searching for beauty in everyday life... a link up with Lashawn & Mimi at & , respectively.}

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