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Posted on the 27 February 2013 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Green Home

One of the latest hits in home organizing and improving is the so called green organization. It’s a way of using organic and natural materials as much as possible and replacing the ones that contain toxic chemicals, non-green materials and hazardous dyes. It’s a serious attempt to live in better and cleaner homes that are healthier for us and for the environment.

The three principles of green home organizing and eco-friendly techniques are: reduce, reuse and recycle. Taking these principles into consideration can turn any home into a much better and safer area. It makes people aware of their impact on the environment and it makes them socially responsible for their energy waste and their habits that harm nature.

Some of the ways we can turn our homes into greener areas are by:

  • Using more biodegradable and/or recycled products around the house. In case you are planning Chelsea house removal, you can use recycled packages.
  • Making DIY items to replace some of the old ones. Using natural products to create new items. When moving to a new house, you can use all the old items to create an innovative and unique new ones.
  • Regular clearance and recycling of old belongings.
  • Donating useless items, not throwing them away in the garbage straight away.
  • Reusing old items in a new way, instead of buying new.
  • Purchasing items made of natural materials. Replacing metal and plastic with wood and cords with threads.
  • Teaching children to be more green-oriented and aware of the ways they can help the environment.
  • Disposing of toxic items in a safe and legal way.

One of the smart ways to organize your home in a more eco-friendly manner is by using items you’d never think of even keeping. An old tire, for example, can be wrapped in fabric and turned into a comfortable short chair. Or you can make a swing for your children from it. If you have enough time and skills you can buy some wool and knit around the tire, thus turning it into a great looking coffee table for the patio or the garden. An old drawer you are planning to throw away can be cut into a doll’s house or turned into shelves for the kitchen. You could also use it as an organizer for spices, cookbooks, tools, etc.

Old blankets and clothes can be turned into slipcovers or even bags. There are plenty of DIY sewing tutorials online and the options are literally endless. Do you want to throw away your child’s old skateboard? Don’t be so quick, because with a little paint or some fabric you can turn it into a chair, a table or a shelf for plants.

Take a look around in your home and before you throw away something, imagine what you can do from it. There are plenty of opportunities for DIY projects and creative items you can make with your own two hands.


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