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Green Business Initiatives

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

As the most common reason for greenhouse emissions businesses carry a larger responsibility than your average human being. The collective entity of a corporation or even a small local firm can also do a whole lot more than just one human as well – if more companies take up responsibility for their own actions and carbon footprint we can slow down the depletion of the ozone layer and even find ways to maybe correct the situation in time. For that reason we have given it some thought and made a list of certain things companies or we as individuals can do to help in the preservation of the radiation shield of planet Earth.


Green Business
According to the Global Action Plan electronics and computers in general are responsible for up to 4% of the world’s emissions of greenhouse gases. Though this may not sound like much at first it is actually pretty significant – the major culprits of that are the servers of large corporations, banks and government organizations which require constant power and cooling to stay operational at all times. The best way to go about this is to choose electronics companies who use less toxic materials in the making of their products and who are better at saving energy in their configurations. A careful balance must be attained between the generated temperature and the required airflow to achieve maximum efficiency both in energy consumption rates and environmental protection.

Green Transportation

There are many ways employees can reach their workplace and some of them may include a more healthy lifestyle change. This is a more sensitive matter since some people will want to stick to their vehicles however it is entirely possible to begin a campaign of using bicycles to get to work during the appropriate seasons. Switching your Finsbury park moving company vehicles to bio fuels or hybrid cars can also reduce the carbon footprint of your entity as a whole and you will also reduce the costs of the gas you need to pay.

 Going Green

Green Business Initiatives - bike to work
The eco-friendly community can come across as rather aggressive thanks to the actions of some well-intentioned environmental extremists, however this is supposed to be a peaceful change in the way people treat the world. You can help promote a green lifestyle by asking your employees to join up in certain green initiatives that are organized yearly such as Earth Day.

Green electricity

There are plenty of ways to go about this such as finding a different provider or going one step further by gaining autonomy with wind or solar power. Installing these at your company’s location might be expensive at first but they will quickly make it worth your while as you are completely independent from the local power grid.

 Green Gardens

Having a garden around your company property is one thing, however you can take this one step further if planning a new building or a remodel the rooftops can be used to grow a beautiful garden as well. These can be seen all around the world and their benefits are more than just a place to relax from the stress of the day – they can help with the insulation and heat loss and heat gain throughout the seasons as well as make the place much more alive than your average metal and glass construction.

Green Business Initiatives

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