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Green Appliances Really Can Make a Difference

Posted on the 23 October 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Although appliances and electronic gadgets in our home seem to be something we cannot get along without, we seldom consider how much they are costing us in energy and money. Unfortunately, so many consumers look for the least expensive appliance when it comes time to purchase one. With the emphasis on conserving energy and saving the planet, shoppers now have the choice of purchasing “green” or energy efficient appliances.

Consumers are now becoming more aware of the importance of having green appliances in their home and the differences they can make. By purchasing eco friendly appliances and utilizing them in an energy efficient manner, we can save money and our planet at the same time. It really does not get much better than that!

Whether you’re building, renovating or just in need of new appliances, the time is perfect to create your green home with green appliances. You, as the owner of the appliances, are not the only one benefiting from purchasing green appliances and becoming environmentally conscious.

There are many types of green appliances now on the market today. Look for the Energy Star label and you know you’re looking at energy efficient appliances. The average home in America spends from $1,300 to $1,900 annually in energy costs. However, they can save an average of 30 percent on their cost just by switching to Energy Star rated appliances. This can add up to many dollars in savings. Appliances that qualify for the Energy Star rating include refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, window air conditioners, washing machines, dryers and dehumidifiers.

c196215 s Green Appliances Really Can Make a Difference

Energy Star appliances may seem more expensive at the time of purchase, but the savings consumers experience in water, sewer and utility bills more than makes it worth the cost.
Energy Star appliances use up to 50% less water and energy than conventional appliances. Appliances need to meet certain requirements to earn the Energy Star label. For instance, refrigerators must provide a savings of 20 percent while dishwashers should save approximately 41 percent.

The Energy Star program is designed to help homeowners and consumers save money on energy. Homeowners get a savings of $60 for every Federal dollar spent on this fabulous program. Purchasing Energy Star appliances does more than save you money on your energy costs. Many tax credits and rebates are offered to consumers making energy efficient improvements such as green appliances in their home.

The savings from everyone switching to green appliances would be phenomenal. In fact, if just one in every ten homes switches to Energy Star appliances, greenhouse gases would be affected almost as though they planted over 1.7 million acres of trees. By purchasing green appliances, you’re not only saving your money but the environment as well.
Buying a good efficient washer and dryer can save water and power thus paying for them selves in a short time.

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