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Great Tips on How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton

Blue eyeshadow has been a spring makeup trend for many years. However, did you know that the very first time that blue eyeshadow came into existence was way back during the Victorian period when women then applied bluish tinge into their eyelids. Victorian women applied blue tint into their eyelids as their way of beautifying themselves during these olden times. This allowed them to exude a feminine and innocent stance.

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These days, modern women still take advantage of a variety of blue tint, applying it on their eyelids as part of their makeup. However, if brightness of the blue tint is too much, many might find it difficult to work around the color to make it look great as an eyeshadow.

There are few great tips that you can go to in order to properly wear blue eyeshadow.

1. When it comes to achieving the most beautiful blue eyeshadow, it is advisable to pair the blue tint with a neutral hue such as tan, gray, or brown. The purpose of this odd combination is for the neutral color to compensate for the tendency for blue eyeshadow to be overly bright and discomforting.

2. Use blue eyeshadow appropriately. For instance, you must avoid blue hues that are too bright. The best choice for a blue eyeshadow is one that’s dark deep; this is definitely a good replacement for your black or brown eyeshadow.

3. If you deem that it is necessary to wear a bright blue, it is imperative that you apply on a matte finish. If you consider a frosty finish as this automatically sets of a lustrous shine that’s too much for everyone.

4. If you decide that you must wear blue eyeshadow, you have to wear it in moderation. Apply it in a limited area such as under the eyelid or lower part of the eyelash line. You may also consider it as simply a minor accent in the eye’s outer V.

Finally, whatever others might think unappealing about blue eye shadow, many women are in agreement that blue makeup on the shadow does look cool on them. Blue eyeshadow, as a spring makeup trend, is definitely perfect for ladies with a pair of brown eyes since it actually makes their brown eyes sparkle.

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