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Great Article on the Soviet Union and Russia in the Past 40 Years

Posted on the 16 March 2015 by Calvinthedog


Almost everything you read in the Western Free Press (TM) about the Soviet Union and Russia is a lie. At best, it is biased and distorted and not good reporting. It is designed to persuade not to inform.

If you read one article about the USSR and Russia in the past 40 years that sums them up well and even truthfully, then read this. He’s no Putin-worshipper. He’s no Putin-hater either. He gets it. He tells the truth about Edward Limonov and the National Bolshevik Party, whom I respect a lot. He tells the truth about Surkov and the 5th Columnists, NASHI and the rest. He answers the question about whether Russia is a dictatorship, a democracy or an oligarchy. It is all of these at the same time, and different forms of government act at cross-purposes to each other.

Don’t expect anyone in the Western MSM to pick up on what this guy is saying. After all, he is telling the truth, and the West has no use for truth.

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