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GOSH // Holographic Hero

By Echocanyon @echo_canyon
GOSH // Holographic HeroGOSH // Holographic HeroGOSH // Holographic Hero
(Photos taken in natural daylight)I had been lusting over a holographic nail polish for quite some time, and then I saw this sitting on the GOSH shelf in Superdrug a few weeks ago during a 3 for 2 offer!
If you're wondering why it looks familiar, that is because it is a re-release of the same limited edition holographic nail polish that GOSH brought out a while ago, and I have read that the only difference between the two is the writing on the bottle (the lid currently advertises it as a 'one night wear' polish to address issues with chipping.) I cant remember exactly what I paid in Superdrug for this, but I think it was around £5 more or less.
When I first saw the bottle on the shelf, it looked to me like a fine milled silver glitter polish, it was only when I noticed the word 'Holographic' that prompted my excitement.
After seeing many gorgeous holographic nail swatches from various brands and blog posts, I was expecting to see vibrant rainbows shimmering in the bottle as well as on my nails. However, the holographic effect of this nail polish did not work for me in low lighting nor did it work well in natural daylight. In fact, I found that I had to be in either direct sunlight or standing next to a light bulb to see the desired effect. I did managed to achieve glistening rainbow nails at work due to the high powered shop spot lights, but as soon as I got home the effect was gone :-(
I don't own any other holographic nail polishes so i'm not sure if this is the norm, or perhaps I simply just got a bad batch. Either way I was pretty disappointed as I was expecting it to look like many other swatches that I had seen. For me it gave more of a slight '3D' silver effect on the nails.
Dont get me wrong, this is a relatively unique polish for the price and I will be wearing it again for christmas and perhaps in the summer months. I was just expecting a bit more in terms of rainbow reflections, as i'm not really a fan of wearing silver polish usually.
With regards to this nail polish chipping, I didn't actually have that much of a problem. I just used this nail polish in conjunction with a mini Nails Inc top coat which made it last for about three days. I did find the product to be little streaky on application but not difficult to work with especially once you got the second coat on.
I'm guessing this product has been discontinued again, because I now cant find it anywhere on the Superdrug website, but let me know your thoughts on this or the original one if you have it :-)

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