GOP: Feed Only 'Rural' Kids...all Others?? Let Them Eat Cake!!

Posted on the 23 May 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
The act of kindness that the GOP has for Children, is simply overwhelming!!...for those in Rural Areas, that is. It's curious to see, why 'these' poor kids...and not those in more
"Urban" surroundings...were the lucky ones picked, not to go hungry??

There's a big election coming up, for the US Senate seat of West Virginia...a seat that could contribute into the make or break, of the US Senate Majority. The GOP sure likes the poor Kids of Appalachia!!, just too bad, they really don't care much for them. And they'll remind you!! who got you all that Food...just before Elections. Innocent Children, used as pawns...for Political Greed, Power and $$$.
Do 'they' really care, about any of our Kids?? The upper echelon of the GOP has made it bright and clear...that they will do whatever it takes, even bringing down the Government, blocking Millions of people from getting Medicaid, and cutting Food Stamps benefits...unless their agenda is carried out. We know how 'much' the Republican Party cares about American Society!!...about the Education of our Children, about Women, Gays, Immigrants, the Latino and the Black, about Equal pay, and primarily...about our Sick!!

You don't pick and choose who gets Food!!'s a Human Right!!...specially with Children!! It's basic Moral Human Compassion...Words, too foreign for today's version of the GOP.
House GOP Wants School Lunch Program To Feed Only 'Rural' Kids

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