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Google Hide and Seek

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Google Hide and SeekIt's no secret that we all want our children to grow up happy and healthy.  Polite and intelligent would be good too.  I recently came back to my desk to find Lotti, my nearly-three year old hitting buttons on my computer.  I nearly fainted.
Firstly, I was swooning because she was meant to be having her day time nap and I was surprised she had not only got up, but found her way to my desk, climbed the swivel chair, and hovered over my computer all in the time it took me to make a cup of tea.
Secondly, because Lotti loves her dummy-pacifier, she has unfortunately turned into what her sister calls a "slobbery dog".  The (perhaps irrational) thought of her or my computer dying as a result of a freak acccident combining saliva and electricity was a shocking one (haha).
Thirdly; once I had assured myself that she, and my computer, were safe and dribble-free, I then came close to fainting again, because into the google search-area she had randomly typed "Yrj c gj".  "Hmmm... not bad," I thought, "maybe she knows more about computers than I realised."
Lastly (yes there is an end to this story!) I almost passed out when I saw the results of her search.  The top four results included; the Armenian Holy Bible; Dynamical Systems; Abiotic stress Adaption in Plants; and Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering.  Wow.  Not a bad internet search for a toddler!
As a parent you often have to eat Humble Pie, but it's a proud day when you discover that your two year old can do more than just dribble on the computer!

(I'm headed to a wedding this weekend - so I'll be offline until Monday... but good news - the Jungle Party Craft & Activity Ebook is now online to look at... so until we meet again... go wild... you know you want to!)

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