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Good Old Fashioned HARD WORK

By Misslara16 @misslara

Good old fashioned HARD WORK
We live in a time where talking about delayed gratification is like talking gibberish, talking about hard work makes you uncool and actually working hard makes you a nerd. The world is a place where people want to get things fast and preferably free. No one wants to work hard to get anything any more and our internet advertisements are not helping. Everyday we see adverts encouraging us to click to win iPods  iphones, and iwhatever.
There are three streets on life lane today you will choose yours as we go along. This is completely my opinion so enjoy figuring out where you live...
Street one: Aristo street, off Yahoo road.
B lives on this street, she never wants to do anything for herself. She is from an average family but B2 her next door neighbor seems to have the finer things. B starts to sleep with older guys who smell like armpit and look like dilapidated lorries. Sometimes she is lucky to get with clean men but who are mean to her, who treat her like an inanimate object. Don't crucify B yet, she has Louis Vutton handbags, Christian Louboutin shoes and drives a Nissan Murano, even her suit cases and padlocks are designer labelled. B lives this way because she cant wait to graduate from university, get a well paying job and start a life building gradually towards the finer things in life. Because B has to travel a lot to meet the demands of her clients, she has to tip the lecturer both in  cash and kind to get off with some miserable grades... B is free falling in the part of destruction. Y is a young man whose parents do everything in their power to put in school and maintain he made friends with a few idiots who feel they are smart and can scam anyone even things, he invests his time in internet scamming and gambling and never gets into studying because he wants to get rich quick, preferably without working for a dime.
Street 2; Wealthy Uncle/Dad Street.
I always like to describe the people on this street as suffering from Rich uncle/dad syndrome.
Major Symptoms Include: Sagged trousers almost to the knees, bent manner of walking, obsessive compulsive disorder to feel their noses while talking, bad, in fact ugly grades and weird mannerisms like yo!, BLad etc symptom list not exhaustive.
This people do not care if the earth is round or spherical, they just dont care. They spend their time doing irrelevant things and hanging with girls equivalent to toothpicks who are as jobless as them, they do not see the need to spend time wisely as they are too high on weed to see the clock. I do not need to say more we know where they are headed.
Street 3: Hard Work Street
L lives on this street, he takes life seriously ans had his share of fun. he is usually refereed to as too serious, nerd, he has even been called weird but he really could not care less. He has his life goals figured out and he knows exactly what to do to get there. He is a first class student and although he does not live in affluence he can take care of himself and even afford a girlfriend. He knows he is on earth to fulfil purpose and every thing he does with his time is a calculated attempt in that direction.
 L lives directly opposite V.V is the minister of aviation's son, V can afford all the finer things of life, he is handsome and tall, he also has a little over his fair share of the female attention. V is a meticulous young man who takes his life seriously, he gets good grades and knows where he is going. Every thing he does is a calculated attempt at a better future although his father can do all that for him, V chooses to have a dream and pursue it.
Nothing can take the place of hard work. It is better to eat the bread of sorrow than to eat in affluence covered in blood  says the book of proverbs. Words elude me as I try to stress the importance of hard work because its the only option. Whatever you do not work for is trifling, transient and will not stand the test of time. Hard does not kill anyone it empowers and makes a persons like meaningful. As I write, I remember this Yoruba poem we learnt as children... I can only remember a few lines but I will write them out for you and translate of course.
Ohun ti a sise fun ni pe lowo eni
Meaning only the things we work for will last. Sorry I could only remember one line...(haha)
This is my one penny... Peace!

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