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Good News!

By Rubytuesday
Today was a busy dayI got up earlyTo walk the dogs Mum was going back to hospital to have a check upAnd I left the house at about 9amTo meet Fintan in town And we were going to head to horse riding together We arrived early So we decided to go in to the supermarket to get carrots for the horses When I walked in to the stables The horses heard the rustle of the packet And we're all looking very interested in said carrots We all got ready And began our lessonIt felt so good to be back today I really missed riding last weekAnd I got such a lovely welcome back from everyone We had a lovely lesson And I also got to canter todayWhich was exhilarating!One of the lads led me on Star in to the canter And it felt amazing The power of the horse The breeze on your face It's absolutely thrilling!I watched Fintan canter And he is doing amazingly wellIt's definitely something to aspire toAnd to work towards Eilish gave me a pair of riding boots to wear to the show  And today I asked her if I could buy themShe told me to keep the boots Which was extremely nice of herSo now I have my very own pair of bona fide riding bootsI'm chuffed We got back in to town at about lunch time I had a few bits and pieces to do Got a cuppa And then bought some work out clothes A pair of leggings And a light jacket So happy with that I also had a couple of jobs to do for MamBefore heading home
I was just in the doorAnd sitting down with a cuppa When my phone rang I didn't recognize the numberThen I heard the voice And I knew it was the lady from the job I applied for She had some good news for me The job is mine if I want to take it!And I can just work the twenty hours a week that I am allowed You guys I am so excited!I actually got a job offer!A real live job!I must admit I really thought it wasn't going to happenBut it has And I am over the moon!I start officially in June But I will be trained this monthSo each week I will work two and a half shifts This news has made my day Now I will be a working woman!A functioning member of society Paying taxes And generally paying my own way Now I will be able to save some money I won't be broke anymore I will actually have some money in my pocket And won't be counting the penny's at the end of the week
It really feels like things are coming together for me now Like a jigsaw slotting in to place Life is sweet And I am blessed to have such brilliant and amazing people around meWho without, I know that I would not be in such a fortunate place I think this job will be great for me For my confidence My self esteem And general self worth I will be quite the busy bee now thoughI will need to work hard to fit everything inAs well as horse riding My dogs Blogging  And meetings  I will need to plan my days carefullyAnd make sure I am taking care of myself Eating well Sleeping good Exercising And generally mind myself So yes I accepted the offer And am super excited to start working And be part of working world 
Right now The future looks bright There was a time Not too long ago When I couldn't think about the future without working myself up in to a ball of anxiety It was so uncertain So unstable But now Well now I have a place I go to each weekWhere I feel accepted and part of the groupI get to spend time with animals I get to forget about all my issueFor that's hour It's just myself and StarI never fail to come away from riding with a big grin on my face I feel so grateful today There is much to feel good about Thank God 

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