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Golf Videos of the Week (8/27)

By Theteesheet @theteesheet


Presented with limited comment this week.

Hideo Nomo would have a little more turn? This is a cool looking baseball pitcher swing (from @jasonhelmangolf).

Golf trading cards?

Maybe it's better this was a limited comment vacation week for GVOTW.

There was something familiar about Tiger going down...

How I always imagined SportCenter mixed with Golf Central on Univision:

Is that stereotyping latin television? When faced with this dillemna, ask what Jack Donaghy would say.

Amazing eagle bouncing it off narrow bridge @TheBarclaysGolf by Scott Brown He's now worthy of own PlayGirl spread

— Douglas Han (@theteesheet) August 23, 2013

A Million Dollar hole-in-one via CBSSports EyeOnGolf:

Granted this has nothing to do with golf other than being a leftover from last week's GVOTW.


Douglas Han



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