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Golf Videos of the Week (3/13)

By Theteesheet @theteesheet


Well, the weirdest and funniest video of the past couple weeks comes from Grantland and this mini-doc on the perfect round of Putt-Putt. It's amusing in the spirit of documentaries like the King of KongThe moviemaker quickly and skillfully brings you into a particular insular world of strange and interesting characters. In this case, it is the weird world of competitive Putt-Putt golf and this video provides a mostly oral decription of a perfect round (claimed by the video to be only one of 3 perfect rounds ever shot). There's an uncomfortable feeling watching this video knowing that the subjects are being mocked or condescended to for their strange little world. Even so, it's worth a watch.

But really, does anyone think that an 18 would be all that rare if lots of people played this game?


The kid is confident in a good way. There is a weird maturity and ease in front of the camera for a kid that is only 24. Now, there are obviously some commentators (some more entertaining than others, i.e. the hilarious Mike Francesca) who paradoxically criticize this confidence while enjoying the benefit of being able to talk about if for half an hour.

Golf needs more guys that speak out and reveal their inner personality. The last we want is to mute the true feelings of player and have then simply regurgitate the platitudes of the army of blandness before them.

The alternative is the boring interviews from the young players that are afraid to say anything. Of the many amazing scenes of Bull Durham, one of the best if Crash teaching Nuke how to do interviews. The look on Tim Robbins' face when he is being given the bland quotes perfect.

Give'em hell Patrick. The better and cockier you and the new young guns are, the sweeter and more rewarding Tiger's next Major victory will be.


Just in case you missed last week's tournament wins, there were two early contenders for shot of the year. 

There is something great about the walk-off shot to win a tournament. Of course nothing can match a 204-yard hole-in-one by Jonathan Byrd back in October 2010 on the fourth playoff hole at the Shriner's Open. Technically, it was not a walk-off because the other players still had to shoot (and try to also get a hole in one). It's a bit anti-climactic to watch the guys shoot next.

There was nothing anti-climactic about Creamer's 75-foot hole out to win the tournament and the joy of ending it with the shot.

Speaking of anticlimactic, Rory McIlroy hit one of the best shots under pressure of the year on the 72nd hole of the Honda a couple weeks back. It would have been an early contentder for shot of the year had he made the putt to win.

Tiger makes that putt in this youth.


We've looked around and I'm not certain if either of these following two clips are recent but they appear to be new. I'm not even certain the one of the left is real but it looks good and actually love the trick. It also seems real because it really seems doable.


 This Vine was also making the rounds over the past couple of weeks. It's not too bad but doesn't get a great grade because it almost seems to easy.

Don't you feel that if you had 3 pots, a frying pan, a red Solo cup and a plastic golf ball you could pull this off in about 15 minutes.

It seems the biggest challenge would be strapping the camera to your head.



We've featured the fun Gorilla James here before and we recently came across some decent putting impressions he has done. 

I know I'm not alone in admitting it's the bad putters that are funnier.



Granted these look like they will be promotional videos for Callaway, let's keep an eye on Chad's Tiny Studio over the season. He seems like a likeable and good guy and it will obviously take several episodes to get his footing. 

Sure it is an advertising platform, but maybe they can have some fun with this and Chad will grow into the role. 

After all, product intergration and fun videos do not need to be mutually exclusive.

The two finest examples (the modern classic and the original self-aware classic):


Douglas Han



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