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Golden Angel Baby

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Golden Angel BabyIt's no secret that my four year old daughter has imaginary friends.  Last week as we were reversing out of the drive she said; "I don't have any of my big-girl invisible friends with me today, but I'm going to take Angel Baby to school; she doesn't have skin, she's made of gold."
After nearly running into the neighbour's letterbox I recovered enough to drive to school.  I'm used to having invisible 'twins' Africa and Bunny hanging around (thankfully they no longer have pink eyes which always spooked me out a little), and the other girls that come and go are generally well-behaved, although Emily is always slow to get into the car and often makes us late.  Angel Baby is something new, and for whatever reason, she only lasted one day, and then, as all good angels do... she disappeared back into thin air.
A few days later, I found a box of tiny glow-in-the-dark plastic angels... After wondering about how well they would really glow (yet to be fully tested), I thought "ah ha!  Golden Angel Baby here we come."  I bought the box, and took one of the angels out.  The string was broken; not a good start.  I grabbed hold of her wing and dipped her in a pot of gold paint.  Probably not the best way to go about it, as I then had to stand around waiting for the gloopy-paint to slooooowly drip off her.  Next time I'll use a paintbrush.  Regardless, my golden Angel Baby and a dozen or so of her sisters are destined to make a show at a future party, probably on an invitation or as a suspended decoration... stay tuned.
Goes to show that inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere, so don't be too quick to dismiss 'the madness' that comes out of your children's mouths! x
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