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Gold Skull DIY

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
Gold Skull DIY
A couple weeks ago was Halloween, and I have had all of these leftover decorations  just lying around. Majority of them I stowed away for next year, but the glow in the  dark skulls had so much DIY potential that I couldn't let go to waste. I headed to the  local craft store and grabbed some extra glossy gold spray paint. After a couple coats  of spray paint and a little bit of dry time, I now have some fabulous gold skulls-  perfect for year round decoration. Gold Skull DIY
Gold Skull DIY Started off as plastic glow in the dark skulls...
Gold Skull DIY Always spray paint outside, nasty fumes.
Gold Skull DIY Pure gold 24k spray paint, fancy.
Gold Skull DIY Perfect for the record bowl at the entry way
Gold Skull DIY
Since I had the spray paint out already, I decided to spray our last pumpkin for some Thanksgiving flair!

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By Jawn Dough
posted on 12 July at 17:31

What's the brand of the spray paint you're using?