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Going to a Festival This Summer? Start Preparing Now...

By Indiequeenmaz @indiequeenmaz

Going to a Festival this Summer? Start preparing now...

At the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury festival

If your lucky enough to be going to a weekend Festival this year and want to save some money, then keep on reading this post!
Who doesn't want to save time, energy and money!
If your like me and your going to a weekend Festival this summer, get planning now! I know what your thinking...I've got ages before I need to do anything?!?!
In actual fact you don't have a load of time to get everything sorted! The next couple of weeks are going to fly by! And guess what your gonna be spending a fortune if you leave it all for the last minute. 

Most festival take place in June, July and August. So if you get paid monthly like me, you have (However many) paydays to get saving for the festivals. If you get paid weekly, start staving a bit every week, like £20 a weeks. I know how much spending money I'm taking with me to the festival so I know exactly how much to put aside each month. If your wondering how much to take with you, it all depends on what your going to spending your money on. In the last couple of years I've been taking around £250 for the weekend. This year I will take a bit more as I'm going with a different set of friends I'm not sure what they all have planned, so I'll be taking a bit more money with me. Depending on what your going to spending your money on most people take anything between £200 to £500 for the weekend....saying that I managed to survive the whole festival on £100 (also had to pay for a trip to the dentist) and I still had a brilliant time.

Going to a Festival this Summer? Start preparing now...

Reading 2009 someone burnt down my tent - I am still quite upset about it. :(

1) Get a tent!
Possible the most important thing to take beside your ticket! Unless your well posh and have a Tipi/camper-van/Winnebago, then I'm very jealous of you. Invest in a good tent, if your savvy then check out the sales at your local Camper store. Go outdoors is a brilliant place to pick up some right bargains.  I got a £150 tent for less then £40 and it's now in it's 3rd year (and still going strong).

Going to a Festival this Summer? Start preparing now...

Reading 2008 - 10 Pint Hero Drinking game

If your old enough to drink alcohol, then start planing on what Booze your going to take.
There are a few options out there for people bringing their own booze (BTW I strongly recommend bringing your own booze). Beers and Cider are always a good shout, you can normally get good deals on Beer/Cider crates in the supermarket. Also Can's are very easy to carry around and they can normally be taken into the campsite/arena. Don't take anything made out of Glass as they won't let you in the Festival site with Glass products. As they are a Health and Safety hazard  I'm kind of tempted to take Wine this year, especially Red Wine as this is better at Room temperature and if you can get Wine in a bag. Your on to a winner. 

Going to a Festival this Summer? Start preparing now...

I love the Glastonbury rain.

3) Get a good Waterproof Coat/Jacket/Wellies
Beside the Tent, these items are extremely important! You can get a good Waterproof Coat/Jacket from Millets and also Primark do some very trendy one's. I brought mine from Millets and it was only £7!!! BARGAIN!
Also Wellies are important, again you can get these everywhere...I purchased some original Hunter Wellies from TK Maxx. It depends where you're going but I think even when the sun is shining take your Wellies!!! If it rains in the evening and is lovely an Sunny during the day you might still need them as the ground could be muddy. Now who wants to ruin their shoes with Mud???

Going to a Festival this Summer? Start preparing now...

Slightly sunburn during Amy Winehouse (Glasto 2008)

4) Sunscreen!
Boots are currently doing a 1/2 price offer on all Suncream! Go! Now!
Seriously, take suncream and get enough to last you the whole weekend! The last thing you want is to be burn and in pain at a festival! No amount of drink will make you feel ok. I did it one year and I lost a whole day to staying in my tent as I couldn't move or touch anything.
Don't make the same mistake I did. Get factor 50 to be on the safe size. 

Going to a Festival this Summer? Start preparing now...

Crazy chick in a horse head???

5) Plan your outfits!
^^^ Who on earth wants to look like this Chick??? (Lolz) ^^^
I know this sounds silly, and no one knows what the weather is going to be like for your festival of choice but it's always good to start planning your outfits a few weeks before you go. I have already purchased my outfits for Glastonbury, I have brought a mixture of sun friendly and rain friendly outfits. It's important to look semi good at the festival, you don't want to walk around looking like you stumbled into a bin. I will be posting a Lookbook of items I will be bring to Glastonbury. 

Are you going to any Festivals this summer?

Marianna xXx

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