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32 Things That Happened This Year

By Indiequeenmaz @indiequeenmaz

32 things that happened this year

The gang at Glastonbury

Today marks my 32nd birthday. Yep, I'm old. Since hitting 30 I've stopped celebrating my birthday in a big way. Instead of having a massive party I tend to go for a meal with Daniel or just hang with my friends and this year is no different. In actual fact, I'm currently sat at my work desk drinking some matcha tea. I am the epitome of rock and roll!

32 things that happened this year

Me and Mum at Cahoots

This birthday I don't want to dwell on the fact that I'm old or anything else that will make me feel miserable. I want to celebrate everything good that has happened to me this year. It's 2016, we all need a bit of positivity. Here are 32 things that have happened this year:

32 things that happened this year

The best friends a girl can have

  1. Celebrated 5 magical years with Daniel
  2. Became a full-time feminist
  3. Travelled to Berlin, Prague, Brussels, Gran Canaria, and Budapest.
  4. I had the BEST time at Glastonbury festival with the BEST people.
  5. Grew out my signature fringe
  6. Re-started my blog
  7. Discovered Aperol Spritz.
  8. Became a Labour supporter
  9. Fell back in love with cooking
  10. Emily and Heather helped me become a better person
  11. Dyed my hair blonde
  12. Started investing my time in podcasts
  13. Celebrated my second year being smoke-free
  14. Realised that I'm terrible at singing and I'm ok with that
  15. Found Snapchat is the best social media app
  16. My love for Dorian and Mr Grey (my guinea pigs) grew each day
  17. Excepted the fact that I will always live with depression
  18. Learnt that the mute button is far more effective than the block button on twitter
  19. Surrendered to the fact that I like good pop music
  20. Got into Parks and Recreation - I'm super late to the party
  21. Enjoyed getting drunk once or twice
  22. Stumbled upon Trello - A great website/app for being organised
  23. Daniel and I had a great time at Bestival and met some lovely people
  24. Did some Yoga - It's great for the body and mind
  25. Played mini Golf numerous times!
  26. Knitted scarfs
  27.  Completed my quest for cooking the best paella 
  28. My music taste changed to indie/psychedelic/funk/electro/disco
  29. Drag Queens are soul sisters
  30. David Bowie really inspired me to be myself
  31. I went to a hell of a lot of gigs
  32. I've challenged myself at work and it's paid off

32 things that happened this year

Me and Daniel at Bestival

That is a pretty amazing list of things that have happened this year. I'm starting my 32 year on earth off on a good note.

32 things that happened this year

Dorian and Mr Grey

What amazing thing has happened to you this year?
Marianna x

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