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Going Steady with Dalton

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
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Going steady with DaltonIf you live in Ontario, you may have noticed that we are in the midst of electing a new government. If you didn't notice, SURPRISE! You get to cast a ballot on October 6th. The way I look at elections is the same way I (used to) look at relationships. On election day, we will enter in to a long-term commitment with someone (political party/leader) who we believe shares our vision and values. In other words, we're really deciding on who we want to go steady with? And to answer that, we have to run down a list of questions: Is he/she responsible? Mature? ambitious? career-oriented? resourceful? respectful? has family values? good dad-material? good genes? high IQ? gambler? drinker? religious? gym-brat? and of course, how is he in the kitchen? 

Food is important - where it comes from, what you do with it, who you share it with - the whole picture. The Liberal government has done an outstanding job of promoting Ontario food products and services through increased investment in Foodland Ontario (amongst other initiatives). Every Ontario foodie has hummed the catchy jingle, "good things grow... in Ontario" at some point or another. So all in all, when it comes to the food platform, the Liberals get top marks but what about Dalton? What about the man who we are thinking of going steady with. Is he good in the kitchen? Well, I am really excited to share this video (if you haven't seen already) that gives us a clear answer - oh yes, McGuinty is a natural in the kitchen!
And you know what they say about a man who is a natural in the kitchen right? .... Well, they say that he is also equally as likely to be good at leading Ontario forward.
"Dalton is the Chuck Norris of Premiers. He is good at chopping cucumbers" 
-- unidentified foodie

When casting your ballot, remember the man we want to go steady with and how skilfully he chops, stirs, tosses and serves!
Foodie Wife

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