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Going Green Can Save You The Green

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

Green is today’s buzzword – everyone is going green and products are becoming more Eco-friendly. People are overall more aware of how they impact the planet, benefit from and affect resource availability and generally can live a more Earth-conscious lifestyle. But for those who are new to Eco-friendly living, it may seem overwhelming and even a tad tedious. Who can remember to always carry a canvas shopping tote and metal canteen? Who wants to have to maintain a compost bin? How can you cut back on fuel emissions from your car when you’ve got a 45-minute commute to work? While it may be challenging to make such changes initially, in the long run it is important for the longevity of resources and even our own happiness. And what’s one great incentive to go green – and surefire way to put a smile on your face? It can leave more money in your wallet.

Many people are unaware of just how going green can help them save money, but when you’re cutting back on the number of resources you use, you’re sure to save a few pennies and dimes. Here are three simple green lifestyle changes that are sure to keep more cash in your pocket.

Say goodbye to single-use products: Plastic water bottles, paper plates, plastic cutlery and disposable cups are definitely convenient, but they are terrible for the planet. Rather than relying on single-use products, which are only good for one usage before they must be disposed of, consider investing in reusable home goods. You don’t need to buy golden-trimmed china or designer canteens, but keeping glass and sturdy reusable dishes can stop you from throwing money away on products that are short-lived and really no good for anyone.

Update your home with Eco solutions: Home improvement sounds expensive, but before you brush it aside as impossible, consider how the money you save in the long term will pay for the initial investment made. For example, eco toilets may be a tad more expensive than the usual standard, but you can easily save $100 a year when you reduce the amount of water sent down the drain with every flush. Water-saving toilets are just one solution, though – faucets also account for a great deal of water loss in the home. If you swap out your old single-stream bathroom faucets for modern bathroom aerators, you can cut water usage by 30 percent. Again, all the gallons saved equals more money in your pocket and less on utility bills.

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Bike, walk or take public transit when possible: While it may seem terribly inconvenient at first, when you’re traveling locally or short distances, biking, walking or opting to take the bus, subway or light rail train can save you a great deal of money on gasoline and cut back on personal expenditures. Even better: you’ll get a good workout when you bypass the car for a stroll.

It’s never easy making major lifestyle changes, but going green is good for the community, the planet and of course, your finances.

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Cory is committed to environmentalism, and wants people to know that being good to the planet can have benefits in their personal lives, as well. He has put together these tips in an effort to spread that message, and hopes to help people see how green living can have a positive impact all around.

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